How to Mute Google Ads

Follow these steps to mute those pesky ads

Google allows you to control some of the kinds of advertisements you see when browsing the web. It's a feature that should be appreciated by advertisers and web users alike.

Google's Mute This Ad tool is an effort to deliver more control and transparency by allowing users to close or remove ads that are not interesting to them, as well as to signal those that are. This is also good news from a business perspective. A Google partner advertiser will no longer have to pay to show ads to people who are not their market.

Google has a section called Ad Settings, which allow users to personalize their browsing experience or when using Google platforms.

The Mute This Ad feature only works on ads that are signed up with or partnered with Google, but it is carried through to all devices: If you mute an ad on your PC, that same ad will be muted on your laptop, smartphone, iPad, or other device.

What Is a Reminder Ad?

If you've ever browsed for a product at an online store, you will often see an ad for that product follow you around as you browse other sites. That kind of ad is called a Reminder Ad. Google advertisers use reminder ads as a way to encourage you to return to their page.

How to Mute Google Ads

Google dashboard

Google recently added the mute feature to its newly-named Ad Settings menu.

Be aware, however, the feature does not remove ads completely. You can only remove, or "mute," ads from certain advertisers that are partnered with Google. The advantage is that muting an ad will stop it from showing up on your screen, and it will stop similar ads from the same advertiser using a specific website.

There are two key benefits to the updated Mute This Ad tool: 

  • It recognizes feedback from you via any device as long as you are signed in to Google.
  • Google is planning on expanding the mute tool across more websites and apps partnered with Google to show ads.

Follow these steps to mute Google ads:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Under the Privacy & personalization section, select Manage your data & personalization.

    The "manage your data" option
  3. Under the Ad personalization section, select Go to ad settings.

    The "Go to ad settings" command
  4. Make sure the Ad personalization toggle is set to ON (blue). Advertisers or topics that are triggering reminder ads will be listed and can be muted.

    The ad personalization switch in Google Ad Settings
  5. Select a topic or advertiser that you would like to mute, then select Turn off.

You can also modify your ad preferences by muting various categories or advertisers directly. Under the section titled How your ads are personalized, select a topic or advertiser that you would like to mute, then select Turn off. Confirm you would like to turn off the category by selecting Turn off once again.

Take Note: Nothing Good Lasts Forever

It is important to note that muting the reminder ads will only last for 90 days because most reminder ads do not exist after this period of time. In addition, reminder ads from apps and websites that do not use Google’s ad services may still appear, as they are not governed by Google’s Ad Settings controls. 

If you have not cleared your browser cookies, or the advertiser is using a different website URL to display an ad that isn’t partnered with Google, then you may continue to see that ad.