How to Mute Individual Browser Tabs in Google Chrome

This article is only intended for users running the Google Chrome browser on Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows operating systems.

Due to the growing popularity of embedded audio and video clips which automatically play whenever a Web page is reloaded, or occasionally just out of the blue like some sort of time-release multimedia bomb, browser developers have begun to incorporate features that let you quickly locate which tab is responsible for producing that sudden, unexpected sound. Google Chrome has taken this a step further in a recent release, providing the ability to mute said tabs without having to close them or manually stop the renegade clip from playing.

To do so you must first locate the problem tab, easily discernible by its accompanying audio icon. Next, right-click on the tab so that the associated context menu appears and select the option labeled Mute tab. The aforementioned icon should now have a line through it, and you should have some peace and quiet.

This setting can be reversed at any time by selecting Unmute tab from the same menu.