Music Wars Rebirth 2 Game Review

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"Music Wars Rebirth 2" is the follow-up to designer Antuan Johnson's 2008 music industry simulator from publisher Wolverine Studios.

The game has you creating and managing a record label, which includes overseeing finances as well as the singers and bands under your contract.

Game Objective and Goals

Your primary objective is to make your record label the top in the industry, which means carefully guiding each artist's career each step of the way to ensure maximum exposure and hopefully a chart-topping success.

The game is played through a series of menu screens, allowing you to view finances, artists, media outlets, competing labels, reputation, and more. You'll be able to hire producers and songwriters, choose the theme of an artist's new album, and the name of the record.

When hiring a producer or songwriter, you'll be able to view their ratings in several key areas, such as creativity, controversy, composing, and popularity, which will influence how much they cost as well as the success of their product.

You'll also be able to set the schedule of the album's production schedule, whether it's a quick turnaround to save some expenses in the long run or a hands-off approach that gives the artist the time they need to create what is hoped to be a quality recording. Of course, since you're paying the bills, the protracted development costs might put you out of business if the resulting record isn't a hit.

Other key features introduced in "Music Wars Rebirth 2" include a talent scouting process, allowing you the flexibility to form your own bands, an in-game editor to customize the music business to suit your needs, and the ability to play against friends in a multiplayer mode.

Release Info

  • Developer: Antuan Johnson
  • Publisher: Wolverine Studios
  • Platform: PC
  • Format: Digital Download
  • Release Date: 2012