5 Essential Music App Hints For Apple TV

Take Control of Music Playback With These

Use Your Apple TV to Listen to your Taylor Swift Collection!
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel

The Music app on Apple TV also lets you access and control Apple Music, Apple’s fee-based streaming music service, if you subscribe to it. Even if you don't use Apple Music, Apple TV is a great tool for music playback – except not every feature of the app is easy to find, that's where these hints should help.

Ask Siri

You probably already know that you can ask Siri to play specific albums or to play, pause or fast forward/rewind music playback, but you may have missed some of the many other useful things Siri can do when using Apple Music on Apple TV.

  • “Add this album to my library”
  • “Play this song again”
  • “What song is playing?”
  • “Play a song, playlist, artist or album next”
  • “Play me the top ten hits from 1977”
  • “Play me every song by the ​Sex Pistols

You can also use your Siri Remote to dictate search terms when in the Search section, just press and hold the mic button on the remote.

Lesser known Siri Remote, Apple Watch, or Remote app music playback controls include:

  • Click the right side of the trackpad to skip a track
  • Click left to restart a track
  • Double click left to go back a track
  • You can also click and hold on a song to see more options for the song, artist or album.

Change The Mood

When you play a song using Music and quit the app your music continues to play so you can listen to it while you explore the App Store, or use some other app, but how do you change the track?

Ordinarily, when you are inside an app you need to quit the app, return to the home screen, find the new app you want to use and then work your way through that app to find what you need. You don’t have to do this with Apple Music using this shortcut:

  • Press the Home button to get to the Home screen.
  • Now press the Play/Pause button on the Apple Siri Remote for seven seconds and you’ll be taken directly to the Music app on the Now Playing screen.
  • You will then be able to pause, rewind, fast forward or change the track.

Control For You

The For You section in Apple Music tries to help you find new music by recommending playlists and albums based on what you have in your library, what you’ve listened to before and the songs you say you like or dislike most. It’s great some of the time, but sometimes recommends music you’re not interested in. The good news is you can get rid of music like that quite easily:

  • In the For You section select an album or playlist you dislike and long press the trackpad.
  • A menu should appear onscreen that offers the “I don’t like this suggestion” option, which you should choose. The next time you launch Apple Music the offending item should be removed from your list.

What You Can Do When Tracks Are Playing

You have a host of options when you are in the Now Playing window. Just click and hold the touchpad for a couple of seconds and a menu containing a series of options will appear:

  • Go to Album

Goes to the album listing for the current song

  • I Love This Song

Rates the currently playing track

  • Play Next

Set the current track up to play next

  • Start Station From Song

Create a ‘station’ of related tracks

  • Add to My Music

Download and keep the track in your collection

  • Add to a Playlist.

You can take tracks and add them to existing playlists with this

  • Speakers…

Choose a different speaker to play your music through.

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