Multiple iPods on One Computer: User Accounts

iPod Family
iPod Family. Kyro

Families sharing one computer may prefer not mix all of their files and programs together. Not only can that get confusing and hard to use, parents may want to have some content on the computer (like an R-rated movie, for instance) that they can access, but that their kids can't.

This issue becomes especially relevant when there are multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones all being synced to the same computer. One way to effectively manage this situation is to create individual user accounts on the computer for each family member.

This article covers managing multiple iPods on one computer with user accounts. Other methods of doing this include:

Managing Devices with Individual User Accounts

Managing multiple iPods on one computer with user accounts is very easy. All it requires, really, is creating a user account for each family member.

Once this is done, when that family member logs into their account, it will be like they're using their own personal computer. They'll get their files, their settings, their applications, their music, and nothing else. In this way, all iTunes libraries and sync settings will be completely separate and there won't be any complications between people using the computer.

Begin by creating a user account for each family member who will use the computer:

Once you've done this, make sure that everyone in the family knows their username and password. You'll also need to make sure that each time a family member is done using the computer they log out of their account.

With that done, each user account will function like it's own computer and each family member will be able to do what they want in it.

Still, parents may wish to apply content restrictions in their kids' iTunes to prevent them from accessing mature material. To do that, log into each kid's user account and follow the instructions for configuring iTunes parental controls. When you set the password there, make sure to use a password other than the one the child uses to log into their user account.