You Can Send Mail From Several Addresses at Once in macOS Mail

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If you have multiple email accounts and want to use them for sending mail on your Mac, you can configure Mail to use them on an as-needed basis so that you can send mail from a different email address.

A scenario where this is best used is when you have multiple email accounts but you don't receive mail on some of them. Maybe you have one that's only used to forward messages to other accounts and you don't really need full access to it, but you do want to send mail from it.

How to Send From Different Email Accounts

You need to configure macOS Mail to use multiple email addresses:

  1. Navigate to the Mail > Preferences... menu in Mail.
  2. Go into the Accounts category.
  3. Select the desired account that should have multiple "From:" addresses associated with it.
  4. In the Email Address: field, enter all the email addresses you'd like to use with this account.
    1. Tip: Separate the addresses by commas like,, etc.
  5. Close any open dialog boxes and other related windows. You can now send mail from all of the email addresses you set up in Step 4.

To choose which address to use after adding these other email addresses, click the From field. If you don't see the From option:

  1. Open the small options icon represented by a downward triangle.
  2. Select Customize.
  3. Choose From: from that menu.
  4. You should now be able to pick a custom email address to send from.

How to Fix Problems Related to Multiple Addresses

If these email addresses are disappearing when you close and reopen Mail, realize that you, unfortunately, cannot add alternative addresses to .mac email accounts in Mail.

You can, however, set up your .mac account as an IMAP account using as the IMAP server and for the SMTP server. Enter your .mac username and password when asked and then add multiple addresses to that account.