Eight Multi-Platform Games That Are Better on the Wii

Sometimes It's the PS3's Turn to Gather Dust

If a game comes out on the Wii, the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC, which version will be the best? Most of the time the answer is, not the Wii version, which will almost invariably have worse graphics, smaller environments, less happening on screen and less content in general. But every once in a while, in spite of its technological shortcomings, the Wii winds up hosting the best version of a game. Here, based on personal experience and/or critical agreement, are seven times the Wii beat the big boys.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Lucas Arts

This is a perfect example of a game that simply must be played on the Wii. Created before Kinect and Playstation Move, this was the only version that allowed you to feel like you were swinging a light saber and manipulating The Force with a wave of your hand. It wasn’t a perfect game, but it was a perfect example of how gesture controls could make a game a far more immersive experience.

Madden NFL 08
EA Sports

I have always found football games the most perplexing and least intuitive of all sports games, so I was startled by how much I enjoyed Madden NFL 08, which replaced complex button combos with simple, intuitive gesture gameplay. For me the game was not simply better than versions on the other consoles, but better than every football video game I’d ever tried before. Since subsequent entries in the series lacked a tutorial, and since the series itself seems to have lost interest in its gesture gaming, NFL 08 is to this day my favorite video game of my least favorite sport.

And Yet It Moves (AYIM)
Broken Rules

AYIM was originally a PC game, and playing a bit of the PC demo after I finished WiiWare version proved this to be one of the clearest examples of a game in which a port is superior to the original. As with most times where the Wii version is better, this has to do with the Wii remote, which is perfectly designed for AYIM’s gameplay. If you didn’t know what order they’d come out in, you would be certain that the PC version was an inferior port of the Wii original.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
Swing it like Tiger. EA Sports

I haven’t played this game on anything except the Wii, yet I’m certain that it’s better than the 360/PS3 versions. Why? Because the first Playstation Move and Kinect versions came much later. If you wanted to golf by swinging your remote, this was the game for it, and as the first Woods game to use the MotionPlus, this was, straight out, the best golf game I had ever played. True, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters was a slightly better game, but since there’s a Playstation Move version of that one I’m going to play it safe and stick with 10 as my choice.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Typical scenario: The prince runs across a wall, past a whirring saw blade, right towards a monstrous knight. Ubisoft

In terms of multi-platform games, the Wii is generally the recipient of either a scaled-down version of the game or an entirely different game of the same name. In the latter case, these games are generally vastly inferior to what you get on the other consoles, but in the case of The Forgotten Sands, most people report that the Wii version is the better game. I haven’t had a chance to check out the other Forgotten Sands game, but I’d say this is one of the games that is most consistently referred to as best on the Wii.

GoldenEye 007
Lots of people in GoldenEye 007 want to kill James Bond. Activision

I only played the Wii version, so I have to take the word of a number of critics that the other versions are inferior. For proof, take a look at Metacritic, where the Wii version gets a score of 81 compared to the Xbox 360/PS3 score of 72 for the port, titled GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. To be fair, this may have more to do with different standards for the FPS-heavy 360 and PS3 than for the FPS-starved Wii, but who am I to second guess my peers?

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Underworld wasn’t an especially good game on any platform, but while some disagree, I thought it easily outshone the 360/PS3 versions, which had most of the Wii version’s flaws while lacking some of that console’s strengths. Suprisingly, Underworld on the other consoles didn’t even look that much better than on the Wii.