Mulberry 4.0.8: Free Email Program

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Gregor Schuster/Getty Images

Mulberry is a powerful and incredibly versatile email client available for all the popular platforms. If there is something Mulberry lacks, it is simplicity.

What We Liked

  • Mulberry is a powerful, versatile and fully featured email client.
  • Strong security and privacy including secure messaging make Mulberry a safe choice.
  • Mulberry offers text macros for efficient email editing.

What We Didn't Like

  • Mulberry is complex and a tad difficult to use.
  • You can search mail flexibly and save search criteria, but it's all a bit complicated and slow.
  • Mulberry does not come with effective spam filtering.


  • Mulberry manages multiple POP and IMAP email accounts and local as well as server-side calendars.
  • Powerful filters, message search, and custom labels help you manage email efficiently in Mulberry.
  • Mulberry supports messages with plain text, rich text, and HTML formatting.
  • Text macros let you insert text you use often quickly in Mulberry.
  • Mulberry supports OpenPGP and S/MIME message encryption as well as secure TLS/SSL email delivery.
  • Both a simple search field and many criteria let you find mail in Mulberry.
  • Search criteria can be saved for quick access.
  • Mulberry fully supports Unicode for international messaging.
  • Mulberry supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP, Mac OS 8/9/X, Linux, and Solaris.


What are you looking for in a good email client?

It should support all the standards and come with a powerful editor and versatile filters. It should provide flexible message templates and offer tight security and a privacy guarantee. Search results should come up fast and in a relevant order, and smart folders should make getting to the most important messages even easier.

Mulberry scores almost a perfect ten many of these categories. While you can search precisely using a plethora of categories, Mulberry does not use index searching for speed. Mulberry offers handy text macros that let you enter often-used text with a shortcut, but they're no replacement for real templates.

Mulberry's many powerful features and especially the great IMAP support are a pleasure to work with, and TLS/SSL, as well as S/MIME, and OpenPGP support provide strong security. The calendar built into Mulberry displays the same desire for being able to have and control everything, and it works nicely with many server-side solutions.

Unfortunately, Mulberry's interface fails to simplify the underlying complexity in a few places. Of course, this complexity also means versatility, and indeed there is little Mulberry cannot help you do with email.