A Web Address to Call and Text You For Free

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Mtalk by Messagenet is yet another VoIP for mobile phones and tablet PCs but comes with one different spice in the flavor. It gives you a personal web address that will be the means for the world to contact you - it replaces a phone number and a username. Plus is gives a lot of other features. The advantages of the web address over the phone number or simple user name of nick name is not very convincing, save that it can help for protecting you private number, and it can be good for business with a callable web presence. It is a free solution for those who want a virtual toll free number.

Getting Started

You obviously need to register to obtain the web address, which is similar to; but you have to download the app on your portable device first to be able to register. You buddies can call you by using this web address. Those using a PC can do so directly in their browser, without having to download or install anything. Those using smartphones and tablet PCs have to download and install the MTalk app first to be able to make the call. However, they don’t need to be registered users.


Once you are registered, anyone can call you or text messages for free, as long as they have an Internet connection. The service works through WiFi and 3G as well.

You can customize your account and design the page on which your web address lands. That page contains the contacting options, which include the click to talk and click to text buttons.

You contacts can send you text messages and the conversation can also be a text chat session.

The voice quality is decent but not very good compared to market leaders.

Calls you miss are directed to your free voicemail box obtained with registering to the service. Retrieval of voicemails is easy. Once a voicemail enters, you are notified through email.

Mtalk service uses open standards, which means there is compatibility with existing services that us open standards. As a result, calls can be transferred to VoIP phones, other softphone or a SIP phone.

Your contacts don’t need to be registered users to call you on your link, they can simply use their browser on a computer, or a small app on their smartphones.

Mtalk subscribes to European data protection regulations and ensure privacy of users. For instance, all data transfers are encrypted, and the company engages itself to not disclose any personal information of users to any third party. It also includes a feature that filters out spam by short listing incoming calls and texts to only those contacts you want to receive from.

The Cost

This is probably the most interesting element in the service – it opens more avenues for free communication worldwide. The app and service are free unlimited, as is registration. This means that, like most other VoIP apps and services, voice calls and text messages between people of the same service are free and unlimited.

The web link that serves as number can also serve as a toll free international number through which friends, partners and customers can call you with any cost either to you or them. The only inconvenience is that they won’t be able to use a landline phone to make the calls.

There is a paid part to the service. It is, just like for other VoIP services, when making calls to non-VoIP phones like landlines and cellular numbers. The rates are charged per second and do not include connection fees, as is the case with e.g. Skype.

The Cons

As of now, the app and service can only be used on a computer, an Android device and one using iOS (iPhone and iPad). Users of all other devices are eliminated from the user base. It also doesn’t install on some Android devices.

The voice quality is not the best. True it depends a lot on other factors like bandwidth, but given the circumstances in which it is expected to work, call quality might be an issue. However, most of the time, the call gets through and communication does take place satisfactorily.

The handle – the web link – is finally, to certain tastes, harder to manage than a simple phone number or a username.

The service (web site) does not give much information upfront. The home page only has marketing information, and absolutely no link to a FAQ or About Us or even the rates. Most users want to know more about a system before installing it on their devices. They also need to have an estimate of what it will cost them. For instance, additional lines are not free. But what are their prices? In which areas are they available? Not even the VoIP rates are shown.

How Mtalk Can be Useful

Here are some scenarios that will have you think whether Mtalk is the VoIP app you want on your device.

It is a way of protecting your phone number. You can set up the page of your web address to welcome customers or any other people with whom you want to communicate without sharing your personal information and phone number.

It can be used as a virtual phone number that stands as a toll free number for international calls. You can be reached anywhere with the app installed on your smartphone. Also, any missed calls go to voicemail. It can be an interesting and decent solution for business click-to-call service.

You can use it to simply connect with friends and family for free. For instance, if you are abroad, you can have your parents call you, or vice versa, for free, thereby avoiding expensive roaming charges.