What Is an MSR File?

There are several file formats that use this file extension, each for a different purpose

What to Know

  • Some MSR files are MineSight resources that open with Minesight 3D.
  • Others could be image measurement files associated with Bersoft software, or a manifest summary record.
  • You need to first identify the MSR file you have before deciding what program you need to open or convert it.

This article explains what an MSR file is (there are several kinds), how to open one on your computer, and how to convert one to a different file format.

What Is an MSR File?

There are a variety of file formats that use the MSR file extension to store data for different types of software, one being for a MineSight resource.

A different file that uses the .MSR extension might be a Bersoft image measurement file, a LaVision ImSpector file, an OzWin CompuServe Access SYSOP file, a manifest summary record, or a report file associated with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) software.

If none of the above, some MSR files are used with Samsung external drives for securing a folder with personal information.

MSR files in Windows 10 that open with Image Measurement Software

MSR is also short for some tech terms that aren't related to any of the file formats on this page, like Microsoft reserved partition, model specific register, maximum sensing range, and mining software repositories.

How to Open an MSR File

Minesight 3D (MS3D), a modeling and mine planning program, is used to open an MSR file that's a MineSight resource file. These kinds of MSR files are normally used by that software to hold geometry data.

If your file is related to Bersoft Image Measurement, it can of course be used with that software (however, it's been discontinued and is no longer available from Bersoft). This program is used to measure the distance between two points in digital photos, as well as figure the area, angle, and radius. The MSR file holds these measurements and is saved along with the image, so if a photo called image.png is saved along with its measurements, the software will make a file called image.png.msr that should be kept with the photo.

Bio-Formats is a portable image reader that can open MSR files that are LaVision ImSpector format files. We know they have something to do with the TriM Scope microscope, so if any software comes included with that microscope, it'll surely open the MSR file, too.

There are several download links on the Bio-Formats download page, but what you're after is the Bio-Formats Package JAR file.

To open MSR files with Bio-Formats, use its File > Open menu to browse for it on your computer. You'll need to choose either All supported file types or Lavision Imspector (*msr) from the "Files of Type:" drop-down menu to make sure you aren't restricting which files Bio-Formats will look for (it supports lots of other file types like JPX, FLI, LIM, etc.).

Some MSR files are associated with manifest summary records and Mail.Dat.

An MSR file that's used with GC-MS software is most likely some sort of graphics file. GC and GCMS File Translator, from Scientific Instrument Services, might be able to open this type of MSR file. The Star Chromatography Workstation software suite may support this format as well, but we don't have a download or purchase link for it.

If the MSR file has something to do with a Samsung drive, you can open it with a program called SecretZone; it creates a password-protected folder on the hard drive for you to store sensitive information.

We don't have any information on OzWin CompuServe Access SYSOP files that use the MSR file extension.

Considering the variety of formats that share this extension, your computer may be configured to use a particular program to open MSR files but you'd rather have a different one do that. See How to Change File Associations in Windows for help on how to do this.

How to Convert an MSR File

The MineSight 3D software can most likely perform some sort of conversion on that type of MSR file, like maybe to another 3D drawing format used by similar modeling programs. This is very common.

Some users have been able to convert their MSR file to DXF by changing the file extension to be TXT, which they can then open in AutoCAD and ultimately save to the DXF format.

Bersoft Image Measurement can import an MSR file that's a measurement file, and then export that same file to CSV, PDF, or HTML.

MSR files that are LaVision ImSpector files should be able to be converted using the Bio-Formats program. Just open the file in that program and then use the File > Save button to select a new format.

We don't have any details on converting MSR files that are used with any of the other programs mentioned above. Generally, if a program supports converting a file to a new format, it's done through the Save as menu like with Bio-Formats, or with some sort of Export option.

Still Can't Open the File?

If your file doesn't open at this point, there's a good chance you're misreading the file extension. Some files share a lot of the same file extension letters/numbers, and so they'll appear to be in the same or a similar format when they're really not.

For example, if you have an MSRCINDICENT file, you might think it's related to one of the formats above because of the "MSR" text at the beginning. In reality, these files are used with Windows Remote Assistance as invitation files.

MRS is another one that you could easily confuse for an MSR file. MRS files are really game data files used by the GunZ video game.

Several other examples could be given here, including MSS, SR, SRM, and MMS. If you don't really have an MSR file, research the file extension you see at the end of your file to learn more about how to open/edit/convert it.

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