What is an MSR File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert MSR Files

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There are a variety of file formats that use the MSR file extension to store data for different types of software, but the most popular is for a MineSight Resource file.

A different file that uses the .MSR extension might be a Bersoft Image Measurement file, a LaVision ImSpector file, an OzWin CompuServe Access SYSOP file, a Manifest Summary Record, or a Report file associated with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) software.

If none of the above, some MSR files are used with Samsung external drives for securing a folder with personal information.

How To Open an MSR File

MineSight 3D (MS3D), a modeling and mine planning program, is used to open an MSR file that's a MineSight Resource format file. These types of MSR files are normally used by MineSight to hold geometry data.

If your MSR file is a Bersoft Image Measurement file, it's opened using Bersoft Image Measurement. This program is used to measure the distance between two points in digital photos, as well as figure the area, angle, and radius. The MSR file holds these measurements and is saved along with the image, so if a photo called image.png is saved along with its measurements, the software will make an MSR file called image.png.msr that should be kept with the photo.

Bio-Formats is a portable image reader that can open MSR files that are LaVision ImSpector format files.

I know they have something to do with the TriM Scope microscope, so if any software comes included with that microscope, I'm sure it can open the MSR file too.

MSR files that are Manifest Summary Records can be opened with IDEAlliance's Mail.dat tool.

An MSR file that's used with GC-MS software is most likely some sort of graphics file.

GC and GCMS File Translator might be able to open this type of MSR file. The Star Chromatography Workstation software suite may support this MSR format too, but I can't find a download or purchase link for it.

If the MSR file has to do with a Samsung drive instead, you can open it with a program called SecretZone; it creates a password protected folder on the hard drive for you to store sensitive information.

I don't have any information on OzWin CompuServe Access SYSOP files that use the MSR file extension.

Considering the variety of formats that share this extension, your computer may be configured to use a particular program to open MSR files but you'd rather have a different one do that. See How to Change File Associations in Windows for help on how to do this.

How To Convert an MSR File

I imagine the MineSight 3D software can perform some sort of conversion on that type of MSR file, like maybe to another 3D drawing format used by similar modeling programs. This is very common.

Bersoft Image Measurement can import an MSR file that's a measurement file, and then export that same file to CSV, PDF, or HTML.

MSR files that are LaVision ImSpector files should be able to be converted using the Bio-Formats program.

Just open the file in that program and then use the File > Save... button to select a new format.

I don't have any details on converting MSR files that are used with any of the other programs mentioned above. Generally, if a program supports converting a file to a new format, it's done through the Save as menu like with Bio-Formats, or with some sort of Export option.