What Is an MSDVD File?

Open, edit, and convert MSDVD files


A file with the MSDVD file extension is a Windows DVD Maker Project file. It's not the actual media data that this file holds, but instead, the XML content that's used describe the DVD's menu buttons, title, media files that should be included in the DVD, and more.

Although not as common, some files with the MSDVD extension are in the Macro Magic Macro format.

How to Open an MSDVD File

MSDVD files can be opened with Windows DVD Maker. This software is included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 only.

Since this type of MSDVD file is text-based, you should be able to use any text editor to open it too, like Notepad++.

You can not burn an .MSDVD file to a disc unless you're on the same computer that was used to build the file. This is because it's the MSDVD file's data (the menus, etc.) plus the media files that it points to, that are burned to the disc, which is both needed in order for it to work that way.

We don't have a download link for Magic Macro, but given that this type of MSDVD file is a type of macro file, assume that any text editor might be able to open it too. If this works, just know that you'll only be able to see the text content of the MSDVD file and not actually be able to use the macro file like it's intended to be used. You'd need the Magic Macro software to do that.

With some file types, there may be multiple other formats that use the extension, but the two mentioned here use the .MSDVD file extension. However, if you suspect that one of these files is of a different format, a text editor may prove to be helpful in determining what program can be used to open it. There is oftentimes identifiable text in the file's header that points to the application that created the file.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the MSDVD file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open MSDVD files, try changing the file association in Windows.

How to Convert an MSDVD File

Since MSDVD files are not video files in and of themselves, you can not convert one to a video format like AVI, MP4, WMV, etc. However, since MSDVD files are used within Windows DVD Maker, opening the file on the same computer that created it will automatically open the actual video files that were referred to when the MSDVD file was created.

At that point, you can use Windows DVD Maker software to publish the video content, and the details contained in the MSDVD file (like the DVD menu layout, etc.), to a video file.

Once your MSDVD file and the related video content are saved to a video file, you can use a free video converter to convert it to a variety of other video formats.

You could technically convert an .MSDVD file to another text-based format like TXT or HTML, but it won't be of any use other than to read the text contents.