What Is an MSDVD File?

It's either a Windows DVD Maker project or a macro file

What to Know

  • An MSDVD file is either a Windows DVD Maker project or a macro file created with Macro Magic.
  • Both programs are outdated and no longer available, but you might have luck viewing the file with a text editor.

This article explains two file formats that use the MSDVD file extension, including how to open both kinds and how to convert your file to a different format.

What Is an MSDVD File?

A file with the MSDVD file extension is a Windows DVD Maker project. It's not the actual media data that this file holds, but instead the XML content that's used to describe the DVD's menu buttons, title, media files that should be included in the DVD, and more.

Other files with the MSDVD extension are macros created by Macro Magic.

MSDVD files in Windows 10 that open with a text editor

How to Open an MSDVD File

MSDVD files can be opened with Windows DVD Maker. This software is included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 only.

Since this file is text-based, you should be able to use any text editor to open it, too, like Notepad++.

You can't burn an .MSDVD file to a disc unless you're on the same computer that was used to build the file. This is because it's the file's data (the menus, etc.) plus the media files that it points to, that are burned to the disc, which are both needed for it to work that way.

We don't have a download link for Magic Macro, but since this kind of MSDVD file is a macro, we can assume that any text editor will open it. If this works, just know that you'll only be able to see the text content of the MSDVD file and not actually use the macro as it's intended to be used. You'd need the Magic Macro software to do that.

How to Convert an MSDVD File

Since MSDVD files aren't actually videos, you can't convert one to a video format like AVI, MP4, WMV, etc. However, since it's used within Windows DVD Maker, opening it on the same computer that created it will automatically find the actual video files that were referred to when the project was created.

At that point, you can use Windows DVD Maker to publish the video content, and the details contained in the MSDVD file (like the DVD menu layout, etc.), to a video file.

Once your file and the related content are saved to a video file, you can use a free video converter to convert it to a variety of other video formats.

You could technically use a text editor to convert an .MSDVD file to another text-based format like TXT or HTML, but it won't be of any use other than to read the text contents.

Still Can't Open the File?

If your file doesn't open even after trying the suggestions above, there's a good chance you're misreading the file extension. If your file has a different extension than MSDVD, it's most likely in an entirely different format, meaning that you'll need a different program to open/edit/convert it.

MSD is one example. It looks like it could be related to MSDVD files at first glance, but they're actually map service definitions used by the ArcGIS software.

DVD is another file extension that could be confused for MSDVD. The DVD file extension might be used for a format that's holding DVD-related information; something CloneCD might use. A "DVD file" could also just refer to DVD-related files, such as an MP4 ripped from a DVD, or a DVDRIP file.

If your file doesn't actually end in ".MSDVD," research the real file extension to get more information on how you can open it, if it can be edited, and what you need on your computer to convert it to a different format.

  • Does Windows 10 have a DVD maker?

    No. Windows 10 doesn't support DVD Maker, so you must use a different DVD burning program like BurnAware, DVD Styler, or WinX DVD Author.

    Windows Media Player can burn data to DVDs, but it can't create video DVDs.

  • What are some alternatives to Windows Movie Maker?

    Windows Movie Maker alternatives include VideoPad Video Editor, Shortcut, and VSDC Video Editor. All of these programs are compatible with Windows 10.

  • How do I open a MSDVD file in Windows 10?

    Since DVD Maker isn't supported, you can't open MSDVD files in Windows 10 or any operating system other than Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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