What Is an MPK File?

How to open and convert MPK files

Screenshot of several MPK files in Windows 10 that open with ArcGIS Pro

Tim Fisher 

A file with the MPK file extension is an ArcGIS Map Package file that contains map data (layouts, embedded objects, etc.) in one file that's easy to distribute.

The MPK file format may also be used for Project64 Memory Pack files or Public Browser Platform Configuration files.

If what you have is a video file, it's more than likely an MKV file that you're misreading as an MPK file.​

How to Open an MPK File

MPK files that are ArcGIS Map Package files can be opened with Esri's ArcGIS program. ArcGIS Map Document files (.MXD) are embedded in MPK files and can be opened with the same software.

With ArcGIS open, you should be able to drag the MPK file directly into the program. Another way is to right-click or tap-and-hold on the MPK file to get to its context menu and then choose Unpack. The map packages will unpack to the user's \Documents\ArcGIS\Packages\ folder.

ArcGIS began using MPK files in version 10, so older versions of the software cannot open MPK files.

Project64 Memory Pack files that are saved with the .MPK file extension can be opened with Project64.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the MPK file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open MPK files, change the default program for your specific file extension to make that change in Windows.

How to Convert an MPK File

You should be able to convert an ArcGIS Map Package MPK file using the ArcGIS program mentioned above. This can probably be done through a File > Save As... or File > Export menu option.

You can't convert an MPK to MP4, AVI, or any other video format because MPKs aren't videos—they just contain map data. However, MKV files are video files, and so they can be converted to other video file formats with a free video converter.

Still Can't Open the File?

It's easy to misread another file's extension as .MPK, even if the two formats are unrelated and cannot be used with the same software. If your file won't open with the programs mentioned above, there's a good chance that it's not really an MPK file.

Some file types that look similar to MPK files include MPLMPLS, and MPN. Another is KMP, which is a Korg Trinity/Triton Keymap file that you can open with Awave Studio.

If you find that your file doesn't really use the .MPK file extension, research the file extension that it is using to learn more about the format and, hopefully, find a valid program that can open, edit, or convert it.