What Was Mozy?

Mozy was an online backup service, now owned by Carbonite

Mozy was a popular cloud backup service that offered three online backup plans for personal use, one of which was entirely free. In 2018, online backup company Carbonite purchased Mozy, so it's no longer accepting new subscriptions.

See our review of Carbonite to learn more about that service. The information below is for historical purposes only.

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Mozy Features

Among many other features, Mozy's plans let you sync your important data among all of your connected devices so that you could have instant access to your most commonly used files, no matter where you were at.

Mozy also supported popular backup features like continuous backups and file versioning. Below were some of the other features that came with MozyHome:

Mozy Features
Feature Mozy Support
File Size Limits No
File Type Restrictions Yes, several system files & folders, among others
Fair Use Limits No
Bandwidth Throttling No
Operating System Support Windows 10, 8, and 7; macOS; Linux
64-bit Software Yes
Mobile Apps Android and iOS
File Access Web app, desktop software, mobile app
Transfer Encryption 128-bit
Storage Encryption 448-bit Blowfish or 256-bit AES
Private Encryption Key Yes, optional
File Versioning Limited; up to 90 days (business plans offer longer)
Mirror Image Backup No
Backup Levels Drive, folder, and file; exclusions also available
Backup From Mapped Drive No; (yes with business plans)
Backup From External Drive Yes
Backup Frequency Continuously, daily, or weekly
Idle Backup Option Yes
Bandwidth Control Yes, with advanced options
Offline Backup Option(s) No; (yes with business plans)
Offline Restore Option(s) Yes, but only with non-free, US-based accounts
Local Backup Option(s) Yes
Locked/Open File Support Yes
Backup Set Option(s) Yes
Integrated Player/Viewer Yes, with the mobile app
File Sharing Yes, with the mobile app
Multi-Device Syncing Yes
Backup Status Alerts Program notifications
Data Center Locations US and Ireland
Inactive Account Retention 30 days (only applies to free accounts)
Support Options Self-support, live chat, forum, and email

What Did Mozy Cost?

In addition to a free online backup plan, Mozy had two additional offerings that had a larger storage capacity and the ability to back up from multiple computers: MozyHome 50 GB and MozyHome 125 GB.

The 50 GB plan worked with one computer and ran $5.99 /month. The bigger plan worked with three computers from the same account and cost $9.99/ month. Both plans could be purchased at a cheaper price if you prepaid for one or two years up front.

Also included from Mozy in all three of their backup plans, as a separate download, was Mozy Sync. This let you sync any of your files across multiple computers so that you could always have access to them no matter what computer you were using.

In addition to these three plans, Mozy had two business-class plans, MozyPro and MozyEnterprise, which offered more features but at a greater price, like server backup, Active Directory integration, and remote backups.

Thoughts on Mozy

Mozy had been around for a long time and was purchased a long time ago by maybe the biggest enterprise storage company on Earth. In other words, they had a lot of support and "staying power" which is something to consider in a service that you're probably planning on staying with for a long time.

I loved the backup program itself because of the well-designed settings, the "include" and "exclude" options, and the restore features. However, I think they were a little pricey and so certainly wouldn't be a cost-effective option if you had significantly more than the 125 GB of data the higher-tier plan offered.

Mozy Alternatives

Backblaze and CrashPlan are a couple of the cloud backup services we regularly recommend. Be sure to check out those services if you're looking for a replacement for Mozy.

We also have an updated list of free online backup services if you need something that won't cost you a dime, and you're okay with fewer features.

If you liked the file syncing Mozy offered, consider an alternative in our Best File Syncing Apps list.

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