A Full Review of Mozy

A Full Review of Mozy, an Online Backup Service

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Mozy was purchased by Carbonite in 2018 and no longer accepts new subscriptions on the Mozy website. See our review of Carbonite to learn more about that service. The information below is for historical purposes only.

Mozy is a popular cloud backup service that offers three online backup plans for personal use, one of which is entirely free.

Mozy's two not-so-free plans have varying storage sizes and work with a varying number of computers, though they both have room for customization.

Among many other features, Mozy's plans allow you to sync your important data among all of your connected devices so you can have instant access to your most commonly used files, no matter where you're at.

Continue with my review for a deeper look at the plans that are available, as well as a list of features and a summary of some of the things I like (and didn't) about Mozy. Our Mozy Tour, a detailed look at the software-end of their online backup services, might help too.

Mozy Plans & Costs

In addition to a free online backup plan, Mozy offers these two additional offerings that have a larger storage capacity and the ability to back up from multiple computers:

MozyHome 50 GB

This is the smaller of two backup plans offered by Mozy. 50 GB of storage is available with this plan, and it can be used to back up 1 computer.

MozyHome 50 GB can be purchased in any of the following ways: Month at a time: $5.99 /month; 1 Year: $65.89 ($5.49 /month); 2 Years: $125.79 ($5.24 /month).

More computers (for up to a total of five) can be added for $2.00 /month, each. More storage can be added as well, for $2.00 /month, available in 20 GB increments.

MozyHome 125 GB

MozyHome 125 GB is the other plan offered by Mozy. As you might have guessed, it's identical to the 50 GB plan except that it includes 125 GB of storage and can be used with 3 computers.

These are the prices for this plan: Month to Month: $9.99 /month; 1 Year: $109.89 ($9.16 /month); 2 Years: $209.79 ($8.74 /month).

For $2.00 extra every month, 20 GB can be added to the storage capacity of this plan. Additional computers (up to two more) can also be set up with this plan for another $2.00 /month.

Also included from Mozy in all three of these backup plans, as a separate download, is Mozy Sync, which lets you sync any of your files across multiple computers so you can always have access to them no matter what computer you're using.

Any folders or files you tie in with Mozy Sync will be available for you to access online and through the mobile app, exactly like Mozy's backup feature. What's different about Mozy Sync is that the files will also appear on every other device you have connected to your account and updates are always synced automatically.

Mozy Sync uses the same storage plan as the backup feature. This means if you use, for example, 20 GB of the 50 GB capacity that comes with the first plan from above, you'll have 30 GB remaining for sync, or vice versa.

Mozy doesn't offer a trial period for their plans, but they do have a completely free one called MozyFree that has all the same features as the other two. This plan comes with 2 GB of backup space for a single computer.

This is just one of several totally free, but small-space, plans available from popular online backup services. See our list of free online backup plans for even more.

In addition to these three plans, Mozy has two business-class plans, MozyPro and MozyEnterprise, which offer more features but at a greater price, like server backup, Active Directory integration, and remote backups.

Mozy Features

Mozy supports popular backup features like continuous backups and file versioning (though limited). Below are some of the other features you can expect with MozyHome:

Mozy Features
Feature Mozy Support
File Size Limits No
File Type Restrictions Yes, several system files & folders, among others
Fair Use Limits No
Bandwidth Throttling No
Operating System Support Windows 10, 8, and 7; macOS; Linux
Native 64-bit Software Yes
Mobile Apps Android and iOS
File Access Web app, desktop software, mobile app
Transfer Encryption 128-bit
Storage Encryption 448-bit Blowfish or 256-bit AES
Private Encryption Key Yes, optional
File Versioning Limited; up to 90 days (business plans offer longer)
Mirror Image Backup No
Backup Levels Drive, folder, and file; exclusions also available
Backup From Mapped Drive No; (yes with business plans)
Backup From External Drive Yes
Backup Frequency Continuously, daily, or weekly
Idle Backup Option Yes
Bandwidth Control Yes, with advanced options
Offline Backup Option(s) No; (yes with business plans)
Offline Restore Option(s) Yes, but only with non-free, US-based accounts
Local Backup Option(s) Yes
Locked/Open File Support Yes
Backup Set Option(s) Yes
Integrated Player/Viewer Yes, with the mobile app
File Sharing Yes, with the mobile app
Multi-Device Syncing Yes
Backup Status Alerts Program notifications
Data Center Locations US and Ireland
Inactive Account Retention 30 days (only applies to free accounts)
Support Options Self-support, live chat, forum, and email

This Online Backup Comparison Chart is an easy way to see how features in Mozy differ from some other online backup services I like.

My Experience With Mozy

Mozy used to offer an unlimited backup plan back in 2011 and it was, at the time, probably the most popular cloud backup plan anywhere. I was a happy, paying subscriber to the plan. In fact, Mozy was my first real-world experience with online backup like we know about it today.

While Mozy may focus a lot more on their small business and enterprise customers these days, their consumer plans (the focus of this review) are still really good choices.

What I Like:

First and foremost, I think the backup program itself is really well designed. Settings and features aren't hidden away, for the most part, and you can easily understand where to go in the settings to make the changes you need to make.

I very much like the "Backup Set Editor" included in Mozy. It's used to apply "include" and "exclude" rules to Mozy so it knows what you do and what you don't want to back up from various subfolders on your computer. It makes backing up your files that matter that much easier... no need to have lots of unnecessary files in your account that you'll probably never ever need to restore.

Without this include/exclude feature, Mozy would otherwise just back up entire folders full of many different kinds of files, which would take up loads of unnecessary space in your account. While this sort of thing might be annoying with an unlimited plan, it's a life saver in a limited one like both of Mozy's.

While testing Mozy, I didn't find any hiccups or problems while backing up my files. Because you can change the bandwidth settings to whatever suits you best, I was able to upload my files at maximum speeds. Please know, however, that back up speeds will vary for everyone. Read more about this in our How Long Will the Initial Backup Take? piece.

I also like Mozy's restore feature. You can search for files as well as browse through their folders in "tree" view like you would with the folders on your computer. Restoring files from a previous date is also really easy because you can easily pick the date you want to use for the restore point. Plus, files are restored back to their original location by default, so you don't have to worry about copying restored files back into their proper places.

On top of restoring files from without the Mozy program, you can even right-click a folder or hard drive on your computer and choose to restore files from there. A new window will open and show you all the files that were deleted in that location, which makes restoring super easy.

Something worth noting about Mozy Sync is that if your plan supports multiple computers, and you move, say, 10 GB of data into the sync portion instead of the backup portion of your account, then that 10 GB is only counted toward your storage capacity once. Alternatively, if you were to have the same files on 3 computers at once and they weren't part of sync, but instead part of the backup feature on each computer, then it'd turn out to be 30 GB (10 GB X 3) of space that'd be used instead of 10 GB.

Be sure to take advantage of Mozy Sync if you know you'll be using the same files on more than one computer so you can save on your allotted backup storage space.

What I Don't Like:

I find Mozy's prices a little steep considering you don't get unlimited storage space for your backups. Some of my favorite backup services offer unlimited space with nearly all the same features Mozy offers, some even at a lower price. I have those types of plans ranked in our Unlimited Online Backup Plans list.

Mozy, unfortunately, only keeps your deleted files for up to 30 days before they're completely removed from your account. Some online backup services let you have access to your deleted files forever, so that's something else important to consider before purchasing Mozy.

There's also a 90-day restriction for when it comes to versioning, which means you can only restore the past 90 days worth of revisions you've made to a file before the earliest versions start to get deleted. However, there are some backup services that don't even keep as many as 90, so that's worth understanding when you're comparing Mozy to similar services.

However, something to appreciate in light of this restriction is that the different file versions don't count toward your overall used storage space. This means you could have dozens of versions of one file stored in your account and only the size of the one you're actively backing up will be reflected toward your storage capacity.

As you may have seen in the table above, Mozy supports backing up from externally attached drives. Unfortunately, though, when backing up external hard drives on a Mac, if you disconnect the drive after performing a back up, the files that were backed up will be deleted unless you back up the files again within 30 days. This restriction doesn't apply to Windows users.

Something else worth mentioning about Mozy is that, when changing the scheduling options in the settings, you can adjust how many times an automatic backup can run, but the most you can choose is 12. This means even if you make more than 12 changes over the course of one day with any of your backed up files, the remaining changes won't take immediate effect in your account unless you manually start the backup.

Be sure to check out Mozy's Support page for lots of tutorials and documentation that may help further explain some of the things you see in this review.

My Final Thoughts on Mozy

Mozy has been around for a long time and was purchased a long time ago by maybe the biggest enterprise storage company on Earth. In other words, they have a lot of support and "staying power" which is something to consider in a service that you're probably planning on staying with for a long time.

Personally, as I mentioned above, I think they're a little pricey and so certainly wouldn't be a cost-effective option if you have significantly more than the 125 GB of data the higher-tier plan offers. If that's not a problem, however, I think they're a really good option.

Backblaze and SOS Online Backup are a couple of the cloud backup services I regularly recommend. Be sure to check out those services if you're not sold on Mozy.