The Movies: Stunts And Effects Cheats for PC

Action scene
Jonathan Kos-Read/Flickr/CC 2.0

Developed by Lionhead Studios and released in 2006, The Movies: Stunts and Effects is an extension of the business simulation game The Movies and adds special effects and stunts to the franchise.  The game lets you play the role of a filmmaker, where you choose camera angles, sound direction, and lighting. You then navigate your way through Hollywood history and are forced to adapt to new equipment as the narrative moves through time and as filmmaking technology improves.

The game does not, much to our dismay, have cheats, but there is a file edit that can be made within the game's files that will unlock everything in the game. (please note: the cheats that were previously listed here have been removed as they were invalid for the game)

File Edit Cheats

As stated previously, there is a file edit that you can make within The Movies: Stunts and Effects video game files which will allow you to begin a new game in the year 2000 with everything in the game unlocked. Here are the details on this file edit:

The file you need to edit is called 'Unlocking', you can find this file by navigating within your PC via the following manner:

From the Desktop click on My Computer > Local Disc C (or another drive letter if C is not the primary drive) > Application Data > Lionhead Studios > The Movies > Unlocking

Note: If the unlocking file is not visible be sure you have hidden files and folders set to viewable within Windows. The game creates this file as a hidden file when you receive an award within the game.

Open this file in a text editor, clear everything that is listed in it, paste the following into the file exactly as shown, and save the file. When you begin a game everything will be unlocked.

Save the 'unlocking' file so the following text is in it:

highest_decade = 2000


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