Movie Showtimes With Google

Find Local Theaters and Movie Listings and Showtimes With Google Syntax

Fans Attend Midnight Showing Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens At Inde Cinema

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Rather than going to a website that lists local movies and showtimes, you can find out when a theater near you is playing a movie in one quick and easy step in Google

Find Local Movie Showtimes With Google

The syntax for this Google hack is movie: followed by an optional movie name and your city name and state or zip code. Do put spaces in between the words. Capitalization doesn't matter. For instance, you could find local listings of The Hunger Games in Seattle by searching for:

Google is not forgiving with the spelling of movie names. You must spell the movie exactly the way it appears, although you can leave off words Google usually ignores, such as "a" or "the." The same search would work as:

Not only does Google list showtimes in theaters near that location, if there are any, it also shows you average movie reviews to help you find something to watch. You can click on the rating to the left to see more specific reviews pulled from various professional review sources.

Now, remember how Google isn't forgiving about spelling on this? It's not forgiving about timing, either. If there are no nearby theaters showing your movie, it's going to say "Please enter a valid location" instead of giving you the more helpful hint that the Hunger Games left theaters years ago. It also won't tell you that a movie hasn't been released yet. This is probably an issue with how data is shared by movie theaters. If you're not yearning for a very specific title, you might want to leave your syntax without any keywords.


or with a city that won't easily be confused with another

movie: seattle
movie: chicago

The above examples will give you less heartache and better chances for results. Results are grouped by theater and listed by distance from your search location, nearest first. If you still don't see your movie, try a regular Google search for the movie title to see if it hasn't premiered yet or has already left the theaters.

Click on the map link next to a movie theater to open Google Maps and find driving directions to the movie. Click on the name of the theater to see all movies that are playing at that theater, plus reviews of those movies. There are also usually links to IMDb listings and trailers for each movie. 

Google Now for Finding Movie Showtimes

If you are using an Android phone, you do not need to use any of this Google syntax. Instead, just ask Google Now to find movies near you. Google Now has a lot of flexibility, so some variation of "OK Google, what movies are playing?" will usually show you movies playing near your current location.