Movie Previews: The Top Nine Sites Where You Can Find Them

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Movie trailers — quick previews of the basic plot of a movie — are a fun way to get excited about a movie that is coming soon. In fact, many people look forward to the trailers and movie previews almost more than the movie experience itself! The following sites are the best ones on the Web for watching movie previews, both past, and present — all completely free. 


Apple's site features mostly current and upcoming movie previews, all of them in extremely high quality. You'll need to be signed into iTunes in order to watch many of these, which can be a bit of a deterrent for some people without an Apple/iTunes account. 

Trailer Addict

You can find current movies, upcoming movies, and the top ten most popular movie previews at Trailer Addict, as well as commentary and active community participation in movie discussions. 

Coming Soon

Get movie previews, insider information, and the latest movie gossip at, one of the most popular entertainment sites on the Web. Not only can you find all sorts of movie previews and trailers here, you'll also get first dibs on insider gossip, speculation on upcoming movie plots, actor and actress information, and much more.

You can find the latest movie trailers at Readers will especially enjoy how each preview comes with lots of background information and actor resources so you can get more of an idea of what the movie is about from background and supplementary information. 


Whether you want to watch a movie trailer that's the latest thing or a movie synopsis from the 1920s you'll be able to find it at IMDB Movie Trailers. Organized alphabetically, or you can also search via decade, year, or movie title. In addition to a vast repository of movie previews/trailers, you'll also be able to search and find information for any actress and actor in the world here, as well as information on scripts, television shows, quotes from your favorite films, little known facts, and even bloopers and "accidental" scenes that weren't supposed to make it to prime time. 

Yahoo Movies

Not only can you get the latest movie info at Yahoo Movies, they also offer quite a few in HD (high definition) for your viewing pleasure. You'll also get a fresh dose of celebrity gossip here, as well as information on your favorite actors and actresses. 


Video games, especially those with a lot of hype behind them, tend to have their very own special previews. GameTrailers is the place to find these, along with the community that loves to talk about all things video games. 

Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies is a fantastic site with hundreds and hundreds of old movie previews, clips, posters, information, and more. You can go directly to the Trailers section to find the old movie that you're looking for; they are organized alphabetically by title. If you're a fan of classic movies then this site will become one of your new favorite destinations on the Web immediately. 


The most popular video site on the Web today, YouTube is also a fantastic source for movie previews and trailers. You can always find the most current movie previews here of course, but if you would like to do a bit of walking down memory lane, you'll be able to do that here as well, as many YouTube users have uploaded vintage movie trailers and previews that you'll be able to enjoy once more.