How to Move Photos to a Custom Album on an iPad

Organize your favorite pictures for easy sharing

What to Know

  • Open the Photos app and go to Albums > All Photos > Select. Pick the images you want, then select Add To > New Album.
  • You can also move pictures into albums using Share > Add to Album.
  • Move images from the Photos tab by using Select to choose specific photos, then choose Share or Add To.

You can put photos stored on your iPad into unique albums to organize them. Whether you saved the images from online, took them directly from your camera, or copied them from a friend, you can always organize your iPad images into albums. Here's how using the built-in Photos app on iPads running iOS 10 or later.

How to Put Pictures into Albums on iPad

There are several ways to go about this, but we'll look at the easiest, which is moving more than one picture into a different album.

  1. Open the Photos app.

    Delete photos from iPad
  2. Navigate to the Albums tab from the bottom menu.

    Albums tab in the Photos app on an iPad
  3. Select All Photos or some other album to locate the pictures you want to add to the custom album on your iPad.

    If you just see images and no specific album, tap the arrow at the top left of the page until you reach the main Albums page.

    All Photos album on an iPad
  4. Tap Select from the upper-right corner to enable the photos to be selected, and then tap once on each image you want to include in the custom album.

    The photos you select will get blue check marks next to them.

    If you change your mind about a photo you've already selected, tap it again to deselect it. You can always make changes to the album later, too, to remove pictures from the album or add new ones to it.

    Photo selection on an iPad with the Select button and checkmark highlighted
  5. Select Add To from the top of the app.

    Photo selection on an iPad with the Add To button highlighted
  6. Choose an album to put those pictures into, or choose New Album to create one.

    Add to Album screen in Photos on an iPad with the New Album button highlighted
  7. If you create a new album, type a name for it in the window that pops up, and then tap Save.

    New Album pop-up in Photos on an iPad with the Save button highlighted
  8. Repeat these steps when you have more photos you want to add to your album.

How to Move Pictures into Albums Using the Share Button

The above steps work well if you need to move images in bulk, but what if there's just one picture you want to relocate into a custom album? Here's how to do that.

  1. Tap a photo in the Photos app to view it full-screen.

  2. Tap the Share button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    A photo open on an iPad with the Share button highlighted
  3. In the menu that appears, tap Add to Album.

    Share menu in Photos on an iPad with the Add to Album button highlighted
  4. Tap the album you want to add the photo to or create a new one following the steps above.

How to Move Photos to an Album from the Photos Tab

Another way to put photos into albums on your iPad is from the Photos tab at the bottom of the Photos app.

  1. Tap the Photos tab at the bottom of the screen in the Photos app.

    Photos tab in the Photos app on an iPad
  2. Unlike the All Photos album, the Photos tab organizes pictures based on the date you took them. Tap Select to start to choose pictures for your album.

    Photos tab with the Select button highlighted
  3. After you tap Select, you can choose pictures individually. But if you have a lot to move, you can also tap Select next to a date to highlight every image from that day.

    Selection mode in Photos with a Select button highlighted
  4. Once you've selected all of the pictures you want to move, use the Share or Add To buttons to add them to an album like in the previous sets of instructions.

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