How to Move Hotmail Messages in

Tame your email inbox with personalized folders

Folders and Files

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In 2013, Microsoft discontinued its Hotmail email service and moved Hotmail users to, where they can still send and receive email using their email addresses. Working in in a web browser is different from using the defunct Hotmail client, but moving messages to folders is a simple process that you can use to stay organized.

Instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

How to Set Up Folders in Outlook.Com

When you want to organize your email, move messages to folders that contain similar or related messages. For example, use folders to divide email into work and personal folders, or set up folders for each of your interests and responsibilities.

  1. Sign in to

  2. In the Navigation pane, expand the Folders list.

    Screenshot of folders
  3. Select New Folder.

    Screenshot of New Folder box
  4. In the text box, enter a name for the folder and press Enter.

  5. Repeat this process for as many folders as you want to use to organize your email. The folders appear at the bottom of the folder list in the navigation pane.

Move Mail in Manually

Each time you open and go to your Inbox, scan the email and move messages to the folders you set up. Make liberal use of the Delete and Junk icons on the toolbar as you sort.

  1. Open the Inbox.

  2. Hover over a message you want to move and select the check box. To move several emails to the same folder, select the check box for each message.

    Screenshot of selected message
  3. Select Move to and choose a folder. If you don't see the folder name, select All folders and choose the folder from the list.

    Screenshot of Move To menu
  4. Repeat this process with emails destined for other folders.

Move Mail in Automatically

If you frequently receive emails that aren't important and that you don't want to see immediately, use the Focused Inbox. The Focused Inbox shows important emails and emails that you interact with frequently. Unimportant emails are put in the Other Inbox.

  1. Open the Focused inbox.

    If you don't see the Focused Inbox, go to Settings and turn on the Focused Inbox toggle switch.

  2. Hover over an unimportant, junk, or spam email and select the check box.

  3. Select Move to.

    Screenshot showing Always Move to Other Inbox
  4. Select Always move to the Other inbox.

  5. Email from that individual or sender address is moved to the Other inbox automatically.