How to Move Images in Google Docs

Take control of your docs by learning how to move pictures

Images you add to Google Docs don’t have to stay wherever you originally put them. You can move a picture to a different part of the document at any time. For example, you may need to move a graphic closer to text that describes it.

This process works from the Google Docs website and from the mobile app on Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

Move Images Using the Google Docs Website

A simple drag and drop is all you really need to do, but there are some extra settings you should know about in order to make the picture fit perfectly.

Here’s what to do from the Google Docs website:

  1. Click and hold on the image you want to move, and then drag it. Watch where the cursor is; that's where the image will fall when you let go.

    If you need to move the picture to a different page, you can drag it near the top or bottom of the page, but that doesn't always work well. A better way is to simultaneously scroll with your mouse (while still clicking-and-holding the photo).

  2. If the image and text don't sit the way you want them to, select the image to find a menu just below it. Choose one of these options:

    • In line: Puts the image on the line you choose, almost as if it were text in the sentence.
    Adding an image to be in line in Google Docs.
    • Wrap text: Provides far more flexibility by literally wrapping text around the image. You can drag it anywhere you like. When you pick this option, you can also adjust the margin size around the picture.
    Adding an image that wraps the text in Google Docs.
    • Break text: Prevents text from being on the left or right side. Adjust the margin to choose how much blank space there should be between the image and text.
    Adding an image that breaks the text (so the image is on its own line) in line in Google Docs.

Resizing and Other Options

There are some other things you can do with the image, such as resize and rotate it. It's important to know how to do these things if you're dealing with several images and need to make them all fit right, or if you have some that are too small or large for the document.

To resize a picture, just select it and drag a corner box toward the direction you want: away from the picture to make it bigger, or toward it to downsize. The circle button at the top can be dragged left or right to rotate the image.

Screenshot showing a rotated image in Google Docs

For extremely fine control over the image's width, height, and angle rotation, right-click the photo and choose Image options.

Move Images While Using the Google Docs App

Open the document and choose the edit/pencil button to go into editing mode, and then follow these steps:

  1. Tap the image once to show the boxed corners. This is how you know you're ready to move it.

  2. Tap and hold the image, drag wherever you want it to go, and then let go.

    On Android, iOS, and iPadOS, you can track where the image will end up if you follow the cursor that's visible right above your finger. The latter two operating systems also show the picture as you're moving it:

    Screenshot show how to move a photo in Google Docs for iPad
    Moving an Image on iPad.
  3. You can pick a different layout option for the image if it doesn't seem to interact well with the text.

    To do that, tap it and then select the text wrap icon at the top or bottom of the screen (it's the small image with text around it). Android users can also select the image and use its pop-up menu to go into the three-dot extended menu, and then choose Image options > Text wrap.

    These are your options (they differ between platforms):

    • In line: Have the image sit on the same line as the text.
    • Wrap text: Force all the text to wrap around the image.
    • Break text: The image will site between the text above and below it, so no text will be on the left or right.
    • In front of text: The page text will go behind the image.
    Google Docs text wrap settings on Android.
  4. Tap the checkmark from the menu to save any changes.

Additional Mobile Settings

Other settings are available below the text wrap settings, such as how to adjust the margins around the picture.

If you want to resize or rotate the image, use the small buttons surrounding it when you select it. The corner boxes resize, the side boxes stretch, and the circle at the top is used for rotations.

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