How to Move a Message to a Different Folder in Yahoo Mail

Use custom folders to organize your messages

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Utamaru Kido / Getty Images

Creating custom folders in Yahoo Mail is a good way to organize your incoming email by topic, location, or project. After you create custom folders to group certain messages, you need a way to move messages to these folders quickly.

There are quick ways to move one or several messages at once from one Yahoo Mail folder to another.

Move a Message to a Different Folder in Yahoo Mail

To move a message or a group of messages to a different Yahoo Mail folder:

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail Inbox or another folder that contains the messages you want to move. Click in the empty box to the left of the email entry to place a check mark in it. To move multiple messages, check the individual boxes next to each email you want to move. You can check a range by clicking the first message—not its check box—holding down Shift and eventually clicking the last message—again, not its check box.

  2. To select all the messages in the folder, click the check box in the toolbar above the mail window to place a check mark next to every email in the folder.

  3. Press d to open the Move menu.

  4. Select the desired target folder from the list, or select Create Folder to make a new custom folder for the messages you are moving.

You can also click the Move icon in the toolbar—it displays as a folder with a downward arrow—after selecting your messages. Then select the folder you want to move the messages to from the drop-down menu.

Another way to move messages is by clicking on one of the selected messages and dragging the entire group to the target folder in the folder pane.

Use whichever method works best for you regularly to keep your messages organized.