Mount Your Friends Review (Xbox Indie Games)

Mount Your Friends 1
Stegersaurus Games

Mount Your Friends from Stegersaurus Games is our latest indie obsession, but it isn't without some controversy. Read all about the good and the bad in this QWOP-style climbing sim in our full review.

Game Details

  • Publisher: Stegersaurus Games
  • Developer: Stegersaurus Games
  • ESRB Rating: Xbox Live Indie Games are not rated
  • Genre: Climbing
  • Pros: Remarkably fun gameplay; lots of modes; hilariously funny in multiplayer
  • Cons: Does the junk really need to sway back and forth that much?

Mount Your Friends is available on the Xbox Live Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Marketplace for a mere 80 MSP ($1). It is probably most noteworthy for the character designs - they are all big buff beefy bodybuilder dudes wearing thong underwear, and for whatever reason, their, er, "junk" sways back and forth. Body parts swaying and jiggling at the slightest movement isn't a particularly new thing to video games, but seeing men objectified the same way women typically are is definitely something you don't see every day.

Admittedly, the aesthetic will certainly bother some people (which just cements the double standard the industry has with male v. female sexuality and objectification), but if you can get past the shock of the presentation you'll find a surprisingly fun game.


Mount Your Friends is a lot like the game QWOP (you know, where you press the Q-W-O-P keys to make a character run), but this time you're using the Xbox 360 controller's A, B, X, Y buttons to move your character's limbs and help them climb on stuff. And, unlike QWOP, there is no fail state where you fall on your face.

The way the game works is you hold the button of the limb you want to move, and then move the left analog stick in whatever direction you want to move it. When that limb comes in contact with the ground or another object, it automatically sticks to it. Then you move another limb, and another limb, and so on to climb up as high as you can.

You play as a different character on every turn, so after a while, you end up with a huge pile of dudes all connected and contorted reaching into the sky. Sounds weird and kinda gross, but really it is just hilariously funny.

That's it. It sounds so simple and so dumb, but it is one of the most stupidly fun games we've played in a long time. When the first objective in the game is "Climb the goat", you know you're in for a good time. There are different modes that have you racing the clock to stack the bodies as high as you can, one mode that has you climbing on blocks with just one character as high as you can go within a time limit, and even a mode called "Mancraft" where you can just climb and build (with bodies, of course) indefinitely. You can play multiplayer both locally and online. There is a surprising amount of stuff to do here, all for just a dollar.

Local multiplayer in particular is just an absolute blast. Partially because of the ridiculous premise of the game, but also because it is really fun and sort of challenging and can get really competitive. Everyone tends to forget about the swaying packages all over the place and just focuses on how fun the game actually is to play and how funny everything is.

Graphics & Sound

There isn't much else to say about the presentation. The characters are definitely the stars here - there are tons of different designs and they all even have names! Everything else is super simple. We do like the old-school presentation of the menus, and the music is pretty awesome. The occasional grunts of effort from your characters as you make them climb in some impossibly weird position are also pretty funny.

Bottom Line

All in all, Mount Your Friends is a game that might make you uncomfortable at first, but once you start playing it, it is amazingly fun. Fun enough you forget about the bodybuilder dudes all stacked on top of each other, and just focus on climbing just that little bit further and making it more difficult for your friends to beat you. If you need proof, just watch the Two Best Friends Play it on Youtube (warning - language). That looks fun as heck, right? For just $1, Mount Your Friends is highly recommended.