A Guide to Motorola Apps and Software

How these features can improve your Motorola experience

Motorola offers an array of apps and software for its mobile devices, including the Moto Z smartphone series. Moto Display gives you quick access to your notifications, while Moto Voice lets you control your phone without touching it. Moto Actions provides you with gesture controls to get to your favorite apps and key settings. And the Moto Camera helps you take your best shot. Here's everything you need to know about Moto Apps.

Notification Previews: Moto Display

Motorola phone with notifications on lock screen.

Moto Display offers a preview of your notifications without unlocking or even touching your smartphone. It's a great way to see text messages, Twitter alerts, and calendar reminders without getting too distracted when you're busy with something else. Notification previews don't display while you're on a call or if the phone is face down or in a pocket or purse.

To open or respond to a notification, tap and hold on it; slide your finger up to open the app. Slide your finger down to the lock icon to unlock your phone. Swipe left or right to dismiss the notification.

You can choose which apps push notifications to the Moto Display and how much information shows up on your screen: All, hide sensitive content, or none.

To Enable and Disable the Moto Display, tap the Menu icon > Moto > Display > Moto Display. Move the toggle to the right to enable and to the left to disable.

Virtual Assistant: Moto Voice

Moto Voice is Motorola's voice command software, ala Siri, or Google Assistant. You can create a launch phrase, such as Hey Moto Z or whatever you like to call your phone. Then you can use your voice to add appointments to your calendar, respond to text messages, check the weather, and more. You can also say "what's up" to get a readout of your latest notifications.

To disable Moto Voice, go to settings and uncheck the box next to Launch Phrase.

Gesture Controls: Moto Actions

Moto Actions let you use gestures or actions to launch apps or complete functions, including: 

  • Chop twice for flashlight
  • Flip for Do Not Disturb
  • Pick up to stop ringing
  • Swipe to shrink the screen
  • Twist for Quick Capture (launches camera)

Some, like the "chop twice" command, require some practice. There are animations of the movements you need to make in the Action settings section for extra help. 

The remaining actions are:

  • Approach for Moto Display triggers Moto Display when you reach for your phone.
  • Attentive Display keeps your screen on when you're looking at it, so you don't have to worry about your phone going into standby mode while you're reading a long article, for example.

To enable or disable Moto Actions, go to Menu > Moto > Actions, then check the actions you want to use and or uncheck the ones you don't.

Motorola Camera App: Moto Camera

Motorola Moto G smartphone cameras.

 Motorola US

The Moto Camera is the default app for capturing photos on Moto smartphones, and it's not very different from other smartphone cameras. It takes still images, panorama shots, video, and slow-motion video. There's a Beauty Mode to jazz up your selfies, and a Best Shot mode that takes multiple shots before and after you hit the shutter button and recommends the best of the bunch. The Moto Camera also integrates with Google Photos, so you can store and share your pictures.