Hands on With the Moto X Pure Edition Smartphone

Moto X personalized greeting

I've been using the Moto X Pure Edition smartphone for a few weeks now and I'm finally getting used to it. The Moto X is bigger than my other smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and feels more like a phablet than a smartphone. Unlike the Galaxy S6, it doesn't sit comfortably in a pants pocket, especially if you're sitting down. That said, it's still comfortable in the hand, even with the included plastic bumper that you can snap on to protect it from drops. One nitpick: with the bumper on, the Samsung Galaxy charger I have won't fit in the micro USB port because the plastic tip is just a little bit too wide. 

Here are six things I like about the Moto X Pure Edition:

It's Unlocked
I'm a Verizon subscriber, so I was able to pop my SIM card in when I set up the Moto X. But, I could easily switch it over to AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile if I wished. This is great not only if you want to change carriers, but if, down the road, you decide to sell or give away your smartphone.

Stock Android
The first thing you'll notice when you power up the Moto X Pure Edition, is that, true to its name, you're getting a pure Android experience. This means no bloatware from the carrier or other unremovable apps. There are some Motorola apps pre-loaded on your device, but they don't get in the way of the experience.

Great Camera
Smartphone cameras continue to get better and better, and I captured some nice shots of a giant rubber duck on a recent trip. DxOMark, a industry image quality standard, gave it a rating of 83 out of 100, higher than the iPhone 6 (82) and only bested by four other smartphones, including the Sony Xperia Z5 (87) and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (86).

Customizable Design
I also had fun designing my Moto X Pure Edition, choosing from a variety of colors, accent colors and textures, and even a custom engraving on the back.

I wasn't sure what to expect of the TurboPower charger included with the Moto X Pure Edition, but it really does charge your phone super fast. Often, when I'm about to leave my house, I notice that my smartphone is low on battery, and that usually means either, sitting around while it charges and running late to appointments, or carrying along a portable charger (as long as you've remember to charge that.) With the TurboPower charger, I'm only delayed by a few minutes, not a half hour or more.

Speaking of the battery, it's impressive on its own. Maybe this isn't a scientific test, but I streamed the entire Game 2 of the World Series (using both WiFi and LTE) and only drained about 50 percent of the battery. Not too shabby!

MicroSD Card Slot
Many smartphones have eschewed the memory card slot, including Samsung Galaxy devices. With the ability to shoot 4K video, Moto X users may run out of space quickly. The Moto X Pure Edition accepts cards up to 128 GB. Nice!

There you have it. Do you have a Moto X smartphone? Thinking of buying one? Let me know on Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure: Motorola provided me with the Moto X Pure Edition.