29 Best Mother's Day E-Card Sites 2017

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The web's best sites for sending electronic Mother's Day cards (free and paid).

Sending Mother's Day Greetings by E-Card

Every day, of course, is mother's day. That does not mean you can't do something particularly nice, kind and, most of all, surprising for mom on Mother's Day.

If sending an electronic greeting card does not seem very nice or surprising, you have not seen all the great cards available on the web, maybe. You have not tapped into your creative writing abilities, perhaps. You will be surprised with the amazing result once you have and do—and so, pleasantly, will be your mom!

Here is an assortment of my favorite Mother's Day greeting card sites.

Jacquie Lawson Mother's Day Cards
Jacquie Lawson Mother's Day Cards. jacquielawson.com
Create a wonderful flower bouquet, or maybe whisk mom away for a tropical treat: Jacquie Lawson has a number of fantastically detailed Mother's Day cards in store. More »
Ojolie Mother's Day E-Cards
Ojolie Mother's Day E-Cards. Ojolie
In the end, the kitten honors its mother's patience—and you can honor your mom's, too, with this or another lovely Mother's Day card from Ojolie's. More »
Punchbowl Mother's Day eCards
Punchbowl Mother's Day eCards. Punchbowl, Inc.

If you want your mom to not only see and read your Mother's Day greetings but feel them, too, with her good, caring hands—but you cannot send a real-world card, then Punchbowl's awesome creations come impossibly close. Designed to look and work like physical cards, these Mother's Day greetings are also gorgeous and sweet in their own right, of course. More »

AmericanGreetings.com Mother's Day Ecards
AmericanGreetings.com Mother's Day Ecards. AGCM, Inc.
It pays to be a paying member of AmericanGreetings.com: a huge collection of high quality greeting cards for moms and Mother's Day awaits you. More »
Paperless Post - Mother's Day E-Cards
Paperless Post - Mother's Day E-Cards. Paperless Post
Almost like delicate paper cards, and better in all the ways online is: Paperless Post lets you send most beauti- and masterful Mother's Day greetings befitting most master- and beautiful mothers. More »
Hallmark.com - Mother's Day E-Cards
Hallmark.com - Mother's Day E-Cards. SpiritClips, LLC
Not one of the biggest, but one of the best collections of free Mother's Day cards. They're not particularly avant garde, but who cares? More »
Someecards.com Mother's Day Cards
Someecards.com Mother's Day Cards. someecards, Inc.

Has your mother ever forgotten to remind you about Mother's Day? Yes? No? Then, at least one of the cards at Someecards.com is perfect for her. Appreciate your mom for being the kind of mother that would appreciate the kind of card you would send… from Someecards.com. More »

Celebrate mom with gorgeous fine-art Mother's Day e-cards from Leanin' Tree. More »
JibJab has classy Mother's Day haikus and spectacularly animated cards for you to send the world's best mom. More »
Paying members can choose from one of the biggest and best collections of Mother's Day greeting cards. I like the poetry cards in particular (they come with great illustrations, too!), but there are lots of funny cards, too, or cards with flowers and interactive ones, and much more. More »

A happy day for mom, and an inspirational one, too, perhaps: DaySpring offers delightfully crafted Christian Mother's Day greeting cards. More »

Colors! Who loves colors? Everybody, and mom especially. If you love mom especially, treat her to a spectacular and colorful VerveCards Mother's Day greeting. The cards are self-contained and deliver all the loving-goodness without sending the recipient hunting for it on a web site. More »
Skillful dabs of color here, there and everywhere make for art- and peaceful, amiable Mother's Day greetings at Katie's Cards. More »
1 - Pick a card from the nice selection of funny or lovely (or both) Mother's Day greetings. 2 - Send it. 3 - Be sure it will make the recipient happy. More »
Send beautiful imagery and cards ranging from funny to inspiring to grateful to your Plaxo contacts — and anybody else, of course. More »
"Choose a flower" for "the one" "super mom". With a BirthdayAlarm.com Mother's Day card, you can have mom pick her favorite flower for the greeting, send bear hugs, and show your love with many more wonderful greetings. More »
At GroupCard, you'll not only find cards done with love and skill, you can also invite others to sign your greeting (just like a physical card passed around) and have it delivered as a poster or booklet. More »
It's not without a thoughtful wink of the eye that this lovely animated greeting card delivery flowery and irresistible Mother's Day greetings. More »
Not only can you choose from and send really great Mother's Day greeting cards at Care2, you can also support the environment if you do: Care2 donates part of its revenue to environmental organizations. More »
The GreetingSpring Mother's Day cards come with characters and flowers in seemingly three dimensions to deliver many dimensions of love for mom. More »

If a rubber chicken dreams—and, by all imaginative accounts—draws up Mother's Day greetings, the result might come close to Rubber Chicken's charmingly quirky cards. More »

An aery, flowery, ephemeral and pastel to them, the HiGreetings.com Mother's Day cards deliver substantially lovely greetings. More »
The joy is both in mothers and their children — and in CowrieCards' Mother's Day e-cards. More »
They're simple, but they're decidedly sweet — and these Mother's Day cards come from the original E-Cards.com. More »

At TIAS.com, find a wild assortment of motives from the wild history of Mother's Day motives and cards. More »

Celebrate mother with one of 1001 Postcards' nicely drawn cards of many a variation. More »
Don't look at the categories at atmgreetings.com; look at the cards and pick your favorite from the nicely done Mother's Day greetings. More »

Looking for short, stark animations to send as Mother's Day greetings?  At DoozyCards.com, you can find plenty of them and share them easily. More »

Full of flowers and charming in their own crude way, the Mother's Day cards at DeepestFeelings.com are ready to deliver your greetings. More »