The 10 Most Secret Alexa Commands

Hidden voice activated gems you simply have to try

The programmers at Amazon included dozens of secret Alexa commands for the Amazon Echo and other smart devices. Some are funny things you can ask Alexa, but others are helpful Alexa skills you might not know about.

Information in this article applies to all Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, including the Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Fire TV.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: "Alexa, Play Skyrim Very Special Edition"

"Skyrim Very Special Edition" Alexa skill displayed on a Fire tablet

Can't get enough of Skyrim? You can play a spin-off of Bethesda’s classic MMORPG with Alexa. Skyrim: Very Special Edition is a choose-your-own adventure game that is surprisingly deep. Alexa sets up the scene with vivid descriptions and periodically asks you what you want to to do next. Exploring the world of Skyrim is a relaxing way to unwind since you never have to wait through long load times.

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For Board Game Night: "Alexa, Roll Dice"

"Roll Dice" Alexa skill displayed on a Fire tablet

Can't find the dice for your favorite board game? Alexa has you covered. Alexa rolls a single six-sided dice by default, but you can tell her to roll as many as you want. If you're playing Dungeons & Dragons or another table-top RPG, you can say "Älexa, roll a 20-sided dice." Alexa's dice are also great for making decisions and resolving disputes, such as who gets to ride in the front seat on road trips.

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Delete Your Alexa History: "Alexa, Delete Everything I Said Today"

Alexa asks if you want to delete your voice recordings in the Alexa app

Alexa stores recordings of your voice commands to help improve her voice recognition capabilities and remember your personal preferences. Amazon employs a human quality-control team that reviews user recordings to ensure Alexa's accuracy, so if you don't want someone else listening to your conversations with Alexa, be sure to periodically erase your search history. It's also possible to disable Alexa voice recording altogether.

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Alexa Emergency Command: "Alexa, Call 911"

A cell phone screen displays 911

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Enabling Alexa to call 911 can be a lifesaver, especially for seniors who live alone. To do so, you must set up your Echo to make calls using the Alexa app for your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the Echo Connect to link Alexa to a landline or VoIP service. If you have children in your home, make sure they know to never give the command unless there's a real emergency.

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Activate Super Alexa Mode: "Alexa, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start"

Super Alexa mode in the Alexa app

Super Alexa Mode is an Easter egg for fans of classic gaming. The directions are a reference to the Konami code, a famous video game cheat used in various titles such as Contra for the NES. The developers at Amazon correctly predicted that users would try out the code on Alexa, so they prepared a clever response. Unfortunately, activating "Super Alexa Mode" doesn't actually do anything; it's just a joke to get a laugh out of gamers.

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Get Zen: "Alexa, Enable Mindful Meditation"

"Guided Meditation" Alexa Skill in the Alexa pp

There are dozens of meditation skills for Alexa, and Mindful Meditation is a good place to start. The meditations focus on different topics and each session last 3, 4, 5, 10, or 20 minutes. If you're short on time, say "Alexa, open One Minute Meditation" for a condensed version.

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Alexa the Actress: "Alexa, I Am Your Father"

Alexa responds to "I Am Your Father" in the Alexa app

It turns out that Alexa is a pretty good actress and comedian. Alexa's programmers are obviously sci-fi fans considering the number of Star Wars-themed commands they included. For example, try asking her who shot first, or ask which movie is her favorite. You can even request a Star Wars joke. Alexa is also multilingual: She can speak both Klingon and Yoda.

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Tired of Saying "Alexa": "Alexa, Change Your Wake Word"

An Amazon Echo device with the wake word options


By default, your Amazon Echo devices responds to the command "Alexa," but you can change it up if you get tired of using that one (or if you live with someone named Alexa and want to avoid confusion). Say "Alexa, change your wake word," and the assistant will present you with the other options. They are "Amazon," "Computer," "Echo," and "Ziggy."

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Random Learning: "Alexa, Tell Me an Interesting Fact"

All-New Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release) with clock Smart speaker with clock and Alexa Cloud Blue

Alexa can come in handy if you need a conversation starter or want to learn some surprising things. Say, "Tell me an interesting/random fact," and you'll get a bite of knowledge. If your info needs are more specific, you can ask particular questions. Need some units converted while cooking? Don't know the definition of the word "loquacious"? Want to know the height of Mt. Kilimanjaro? Ask Alexa.

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Keep Entertained: "Alexa, Play Rock, Paper, Scissors"

how to play games with Amazon Alexa app

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If you're bored and know all the trivia already, Alexa will play a game with you. You can install specific Skills for games you can play with the assistant, but one of the classics comes baked in. Ask Alexa to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, and it will prompt you to pick one of the three options. Once you do, you'll find out what the computer chose and whether or not you won.

  • How can I see all my Alexa commands?

    To see your Alexa command history, open the Alexa app and tap More > Settings > Alexa Privacy > Review Voice History.

  • How do I make custom Alexa commands?

    You can create Alexa Routines to run multiple tasks with a custom command. In the Alexa app menu, tap More > Routines > Add (+) > When This Happens > Voice.

  • What Alexa commands can I use with my TV?

    If set up Alexa to control your TV, you can use Alexa voice commands to turn the TV on/off, open streaming apps, switch inputs, change the channel, search for movies, and control playback (play/pause/stop/forward/rewind).

  • Why isn't Alexa responding to voice commands?

    If Alexa isn't responding to voice commands, make sure your device has internet access, and make sure the microphone is turned on. Also, make sure your smartphone and Alexa device are on the same Wi-Fi network. If you still have problems, reset Alexa on your device.

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