The Comprehensive List of the 10 Most Popular Websites in the US

You won't find many surprises here

Woman searching on Google website using iPad tablet computer
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The 10 websites that are most popular in the U.S. generate a massive amount of traffic. They are the sites that many people visit on a daily basis, and—with almost 300 million people online in the U.S.—that's a whole lot of traffic.

Top 10 Websites in the U.S.

Although the actual ranking may change slightly among these 10 behemoths as they jockey for the top spot, these are sites that are perennial winners of the "Top 10" designation in the U.S. This list is from Alexa's website traffic, statistics, and analytics service:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. Amazon
  5. Reddit
  6. Yahoo
  7. Wikipedia
  8. Twitter
  9. eBay
  10. Netflix

LinkedIn and Instagram are nipping at the heels of Netflix in the No. 10 spot as occasional shifts in these websites' popularity occur. Occasionally, you'll see Apple and PayPal hit the Top 10.

Measurement Organizations

To find out which websites are most popular in the U.S. at a specific time, the best sites to use are:

  • Alexa, which offers a list of the 500 most popular sites worldwide. It includes a filter for U.S. websites.
  • Nielsen has lists for both global websites and U.S. favorites.
  • SimilarWeb's Top 10 list includes a few adult sites, so it offers a slightly different view of the Top 10. 

Each of these measurement organizations lists Google, YouTube, and Facebook as its Top 3 at the time of publication, although the order varies.

How to Find Most Popular Niche Sites

There are many sites (such as social bookmarking sites) that offer organized lists of the most popular websites on specific topics. Other ways to see what is popular in certain niches include:

  • Popurls provides daily snapshots of the most popular sites and content on various websites. They aren't ranked, but this site works best if you just want up-to-the-minute data.
  • Using Stumbleupon's most popular tags page, you can get a good idea of what other people have been looking at in the short term or long term. 
  • View the top YouTube videos in several categories including current and historical.