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Make Mozilla Thunderbird Yours, and Make It Fly

Thunderbird flies! The free email program from the makers of Mozilla Firefox shines with easy to use yet powerful features—and you can make it fly faster and fly farther. Find out which tips and techniques have helped others get the most out of their Mozilla Thunderbird and profit from them, too.

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Locate the folder that contains your Mozilla Thunderbird messages, filters, settings and more. More »

Copy all your Mozilla Thunderbird data (emails, contacts, settings, filters, junk mail training data and more) to a new computer, different partition or backup location. More »

Have messages mysteriously disappeared from your Mozilla Thunderbird inbox? Do deleted emails still linger in a folder? Here's how to have Mozilla Thunderbird rebuild a folder's index (or many in a bunch) and repair its display. More »
Want your logo, a photo or some other graphic to appear in your signature? Here's how to add an image to your signature in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »
Instead of merely attaching an image, why not include it inline in the body of your message sent from Mozilla Thunderbird? More »

Restore Mozilla Thunderbird as it was — on your old computer, or before your hard disk crashed. More »

All you need to know is your Gmail address, and you're ready to access all the mail it receives in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »
If you move from using Mozilla Thunderbird for your mail to relying mostly on Gmail, here's how to take all your messages with you in a clean and simple fashion. More »

Use a more comfortable and powerful message editor in Mozilla Thunderbird, and add inline images, custom fonts and other formatting fancy to your emails. More »

Use an image as your background when you write an email in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Clean up the list of folders in Mozilla Thunderbird and archive old mail on a disk or internet storage. It's always easy to add archived folders back into Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Has your Mozilla Thunderbird profile outgrown its partition or disk? Do you want to move it to a different location? Here's how. More »

Mail groups in Mozilla Thunderbird without revealing the names and email addresses to all recipients. More »

Type email addresses and addresses of web pages you want to include in your emails. Mozilla Thunderbird will do the rest. More »

Whether your friends prefer Facebook Chat or Google Talk (or either); whether your favored chat rooms are on IRC on XMPP (or both): you can set up Mozilla Thunderbird to connect to all these chat services and protocols (and Twitter, too). More »

If you access your Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird, how about importing your contacts, too? Here's how to copy your Gmail address book to Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Do you want to download mail from your Windows Live Hotmail account into Mozilla Thunderbird? Here's how easy this is to set up with a smart tool that translates between the two. More »

Download mail from your account directly into your Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox, and mail sent from Thunderbird will show up online under "Sent Mail", too. More »

Don't want to go looking up the latest messages in separate folders, one for each email account? You can set up Mozilla Thunderbird to collect messages from all you accounts' inboxes, sent, spam and more folders in unified views (while the individual folders are still around, of course). More »

An email's headers keep track and save information. They include the sender's email setup or the path the message has covered, for instance. Here's how to access all message headers in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Want to add multiple recipients from your address book to the To:, Cc: or Bcc: field in Mozilla Thunderbird? Here's how to do it with verve and elegance. More »

Link to anywhere on the net freely and easily with Mozilla Thunderbird. More »
Instead of starting, Mozilla Thunderbird complains about a profile in use or another instance "already running, but not responding"? Here's how to kill processes and delete hidden lock files to help Mozilla Thunderbird run again. Sounds fun? More »

Let Mozilla Thunderbird keep your Inbox clean by automatically moving incoming mail that's determined to be spam to a special 'Junk' folder. More »

If your favorite email font is not Times New Roman, here's how to change the default font face and color for new messages in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Get instant feedback on your spelling with Mozilla Thunderbird's inline spell checker. More »

Looking for old mail or a recent message from a certain contact? Let Mozilla Thunderbird help with near-instant and flexible search results. More »

Collapse all old mail in a folder, or see only the messages with high importance in your Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox. Grouping by sort order makes it all possible. More »

Don't send huge emails, point to the location of the image on the web instead. Here's how to send your images inline in emails without attaching them with Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla. More »

Exchange chat messages (using Facebook Chat, Google Talk, IRC and XMPP) right in Mozilla Thunderbird. Here's how to set up chat accounts and Twitter to converse rapidly with chat transcripts saved — and found again easily — in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Migrate all your mail from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook Express, from where you can further export it to other email programs, if necessary. More »
If your contacts are in Mozilla Thunderbird but this is not where they should be, you can save them to a CSV file, which in turn allows you to import the email addresses and other details in another program. More »

It's easy, fast and effortless to import all your email messages from Outlook Express into Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Send an email to a group of people easily with Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Hey Mozilla Thunderbird, show me everything, in plain text. More »

Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape and Mozilla include highly effective junk mail filtering. Make sure it's turned on so you can profit from a much cleaner Inbox. More »
Only compact folders are good folders. Here's how to compact your mail folders in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla and reclaim wasted disk space. More »
Stop hitting the "Get Msgs" button. Mozilla Thunderbird can do that for you, automatically and comfortably. More »

Learn about new emails in your inboxes with incoming mail alerts from Mozilla Thunderbird (which can show sender, subject and message preview as well). More »

Do you forward messages to yourself to add a few comments or ideas to emails you have received? How about simply editing them, right in Mozilla Thunderbird? More »
Make helpful support people happy (and extra helpful) support people, or find out yourself what might be wrong with your email settings by taking a close look at what Mozilla Thunderbird does --- and what happens --- when you try to send or receive mail. More »
The "Templates" folder in Mozilla Thunderbird is useful, even for message templates! More »
Deliver mail to a group of people easily with Mozilla Thunderbird by setting up a simple, but useful mailing list. More »
Away with all distractions in my Inbox! Here's how to hide all read mail in a folder in Mozilla Thunderbird. More »

Updating your email account's password to keep security high? Here's how to make Mozilla Thunderbird forget the old and let you enter the new password. More »

Want to add your fancy custom header to your emails in Mozilla Thunderbird? More »

Teach your Mozilla Thunderbird spell checker a new language. More »

Have Mozilla Thunderbird display messages you are reading using your favorite font face and color. More »

Delete consequently with this Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape and Mozilla keyboard shortcut. It lets you remove messages immediately without putting them in the Trash. More »

Send emails on and on and on and on and... with Mozilla Thunderbird. More »