The Top 10 Most Popular Sites on the Web

The giants of the online world

This list of 2021's most visited websites, based on total traffic and unique visitor information maintained by Cloudflare, probably includes some of your favorites. They tend to make this list year after year because they excel at serving the needs of their audiences.

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The most visited websites aren't necessarily the best for all your needs. See the most useful sites to visit and the coolest websites for when you're bored.

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In a rather stunning coup, TikTok overtook all Google properties in the standings, even despite the fact that the site is banned in India. TikTok users post, view, and interact with short videos—which, as it turns out, suits audiences shut in by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Google Search home page

Google is the world's most popular search engine. Billions of people generate billions of searches every day, and it's not just for search: Google also offers a variety of peripheral services.

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Facebook Watch page

Facebook is the most popular social media site on the web. Billions of active users around the world access Facebook daily to communicate with family and friends.

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Microsoft home page

Millions visit Microsoft's home page each year to shop and get support for the company's vast tech offerings.

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Likewise, users of Apple products peruse the company's offerings and support features by the millions every year.

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Amazon landing page with 40% discount dog and cat food banner at the top

Amazon is well on its way to being "Earth's most customer-centric company." It offers a vast selection of retail products, including books, movies, electronics, toys, and many other goods, either directly or as a middleman. Through its Prime service, it offers videos and music.

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Netflix home page

Netflix has become a go-to choice for an evening at home. With more than 5,800 titles and counting, viewing options are virtually endless. Fun fact: The most popular movie on Netflix in 2021 was the early-2000s hit "Clueless."

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YouTube video page for Queen Don't Stop Me

You've probably watched a video on YouTube this week, as did billions of other people who use both crowdsourced and commercial content to entertain themselves, learn new skills and ideas, pursue self-improvement goals, and stay current.

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Twitter home page

As the fourth most popular social media site in 2021, Twitter's approximately 400 million users share short posts and exchange messages with their followers. On the business end, most major companies and organizations have Twitter accounts, which figure prominently in their marketing and customer service efforts.

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WhatsApp home page

More than a billion users worldwide have made WhatsApp the most popular messaging platform in the world. With end-to-end message encryption, WhatsApp offers a safe, free way to communicate electronically.

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