10 of the Most Popular Science and Education YouTube Channels

These genius YouTubers teach you stuff worth knowing

The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home
The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning at Home

YouTube is the place to go to find out more about a topic you're interested in or to find an answer to a question. From human anatomy and physiology to astronomy and the environment, you can always count on some of the brightest, smartest people on YouTube to help you learn something new.

Science and education shows on YouTube are a big channel theme trend these days, with many of them racking up millions of views and subscribers for their ability to explore and present their information in such fun and creative ways. Adding special effects, filming real experiments, and pumping some personality into their lessons allow YouTubers to create videos that are far more exciting and interesting to watch than a similar lesson you might get from a college or university course.

The incredible people who run these channels know how to make learning fun. Take a look at the following list of top science and education channels that make you want to learn as much as possible while keeping you entertained.

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Vsauce screenshot

Vsauce is a channel that never disappoints. Host Michael Stevens explains some of life's most interesting questions like Did the past really happen? or Why don't we all have cancer? His videos can be enjoyed by just about everyone; they never lack in thought-provoking details. Michael knows how to break down even the most complex topics and ideas in an intriguing way so everyone can understand them.

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Vlog Brothers Screenshot

John and Hank Green of the VlogBrothers are two of the most accomplished and recognized YouTubers of all time. On their main channel, they take turns vlogging back and forth about various topics, often taking questions from their viewers — also known as nerd fighters. Together, they've launched lots of other successful projects including the annual VidCon YouTube conference and the DFTBA Records distribution network.

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MinutePhysics Screenshot

MinutePhysics puts a cool spin on learning with bite-sized videos that explain science and physics topics in hand-drawn doodles that are sped up to the speed of the narration, so you get the clearest visual representation of what's being explained. For viewers who are short on time and attention span, MinutePhysics's 2- to 3-minute videos offer the perfect mini-lessons for straight-to-the-point learning.

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SmarterEveryDay Screenshot

The SmarterEveryDay YouTube show features a mashup of everything from general vlogging about interesting science topics and telling stories via short animations to getting out and filming real experiments. Host Destin Sandlin is always mixing it up to keep it exciting. Unlike a lot of other YouTube channels out there, SmarterEveryDay often follows a casual vlogging style and doesn't have to use a ton of fancy editing tricks and effects to be interesting to watch.

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PBS Idea Channel

PBS Idea Channel screenshot

Want a break from all that science stuff, but still want to learn something new and awesome? The PBS Idea Channel and host Mike Rugnetta explore fascinating connections in pop culture, technology, and art. A lot of the other channels on this list focus on presenting real facts and scientific explanations, while this one focuses more on ideas, trends, and opinions to back up interesting arguments. The channel is officially part of PBS.org. It releases a new video every Wednesday.

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Numberphile screenshot

Hate math? You may want to reconsider after watching a video or two from Numberphile — a YouTube shows that's all about number exploration. You'll be surprised to learn just how many everyday things in life can be explained in a numerical sense. From figuring out how to win at a game of Dots, to understanding what infinity means, Numberphile can probably turn any bad math student into someone who wants to learn more about the wonderful world of numbers.

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Veritasium screenshot

If you're looking for an all-around cool science show with great variety, maybe similar to the kind of stuff you see on the Discovery channel, then Veritasium is a YouTube channel you need to subscribe to. The show focuses on delivering "the element of truth" in all sorts of science and engineering topics, featuring everything from amazing demos and mind-blowing experiments, to interviews with experts and interesting discussions with all sorts of different people.

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ASAPScience screenshot

Similar to MinutePhysics, AsapScience uses fun and colorful doodles to dig down deep into some of life's most fascinating questions, using science, of course. The show answers questions like, What if humans disappeared? and Should we all be eating insects? It's hard not to be enticed by some of these titles. Each video does such a great job at teaching that even some of the youngest and least scientifically educated people should be able to understand it. 

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CrashCourse screenshot

John and Hank Green from the Vlog Brothers also run the CrashCourse channel — a show dedicated to offering free courses in anatomy, physiology, world history, psychology, literature, astronomy, and politics. John and Hank host the show along with three other prominent YouTube hosts. With the help of these free online courses, both teachers and students can benefit from a learning style that's not only incredibly informative but fun and rewarding too.

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SciShow Screenshot

SciShow is yet another of the many other channels the Vlog Brothers have launched over the years. Primarily hosted by Hank Green, SciShow seeks to educate viewers about science, history and other interesting concepts. Out of all shows on this list, this one probably has some of the coolest editing effects. Colorful animations and text fly around the host as he speaks while tackling questions like Why are eggs egg-shaped? and How do oysters make pearls?