Most Popular Outlook Add-Ons

Better your Outlook with productivity add-ons, spam filters and more. Here are the most popular Outlook extensions.

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Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector - Outlook Add-On

image copyright Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector plugs Windows Live Hotmail accounts so well into Outlook that they behave much like local mail — and you can use them offline, too.

Duplicate Email Remover - Outlook Add-On

Duplicate Email Remover is a wonderful Outlook add-on that detects duplicate email messages precisely and can deal with them in a number of useful ways.

Outlook Password - Outlook Add-On

Outlook Password recovers passwords to encrypted Outlook storage (PST) files as well as email account passwords in a straight forward manner.

Recover My Email - Outlook Add-On

Recover My Email lets you undelete and recover emails deleted from "Deleted Items" or from a broken Outlook PST file or Outlook Express DBX message store.

Send Personally - Outlook Add-On

Send Personally is a no-nonsense add-in for Outlook that lets you send messages to groups so that each recipient gets a unique, personal copy and cannot see the other recipients easily and fast.

Add Contacts - Outlook Add-On

Add Contacts automatically builds your Outlook address book by adding new recipients of your emails or replies to a Contacts folder of your choice.

Nelson Email Organizer - Outlook Add-On

Nelson Email Organizer will help you handle email better in less time with Outlook.

Auto BCC/CC for Microsoft Outlook - Outlook Add-On

Auto BCC/CC for Outlook makes it easy to copy certain email addresses automatically on outgoing mail, and its filters let you decide what kind of message is Bcc:ed or Cc:ed to whom.

Email Scheduler - Outlook Add-On

Email Scheduler lets you send emails and files in the future — once or periodically using flexible schedules.

SpamBayes - Outlook Add-On

SpamBayes employs sophisticated analysis using Bayesian statistics to rid your email Inbox of junk mail precisely and in an effortless manner.

Mail Alert - Outlook Add-On

Mail Alert notifies you about new mail in any Outlook folder in a concise, useful and stylish manner.

New Mail Notifier - Outlook Add-On

New Mail Notifier adds a very useful new mail notification window to Outlook.

Print Tools for Outlook - Outlook Add-On

Print Tools for Outlook prints messages together with any attachments (zipped files are unpacked for printing) either comfortably via a wizard or automatically via Outlook rules.

PoliteMail - Outlook Add-On

PoliteMail is a bag full of professional email marketing (from list management and segmenting to templates, a content library and mail merging to a multitude of tracking and graphical analysis) built seamlessly right into Outlook.

Bells and Whistles for Outlook - Outlook Add-On

Bells and Whistles for Outlook is a collection of small, but all the more useful tweaks and add-ons for Outlook.

Ingressor Desktop - Outlook Add-On

Ingressor Desktop lets you edit the auto-complete list of recipients used by Outlook easily, but in a comprehensive manner.

Outlook Reminders by Email - Outlook Add-On

Outlook Reminders by Email sends Outlook reminders to any email address without frills or much ado.

ClearContext Professional - Outlook Add-On

ClearContext Information Management System Pro for Microsoft Outlook plugs into Outlook seamlessly, magic- and automatically transforming your Inbox into a cleaner, leaner, organized and better place.

Lookout - Outlook Add-On

Lookout lets you search for — and find — emails, contacts, to-do items and much more anywhere in Outlook within seconds.

Backup E-mail - Outlook Add-On

Backup E-mail fully backs up all messages, contacts, rules, accounts, settings and more from most email clients in an easy to use manner.

Attachment Options - Outlook Add-On

Attachment Options adds to your Outlook options a tab that lets you allow access to otherwise restricted attachment types.

NewsGator Inbox for Outlook - Outlook Add-On

NewsGator Inbox for Outlook does the very right thing of integrating RSS feeds (and Usenet news) with an email client.

SendLater - Outlook Add-On

SendLater makes it easy to schedule a message to be delivered at a later date in Outlook, and even recurrently on a schedule or when an attached file has changed locally.

SendDirect - Outlook Add-On

SendDirect allows you to send personalized bulk emails with all the power and comfort of Outlook.

Lookeen - Outlook Add-On

Lookeen finds everything fast in Outlook — no matter the account, folder, PST file or type (from email to meeting to attachment).

Redirect for Outlook - Outlook Add-On

Redirect for Outlook lets you redirect emails to other people as if the original author hat sent them.

SpeedFiler - Outlook Add-On

SpeedFiler makes filing email in Outlook a snap and even suggests the most likely target folder intelligently.

PGP Desktop Home - Outlook Add-On

PGP Desktop Home provides strong public key encryption with a comfortable interface and easy to use plug-ins for popular email clients.

SimplyFile - Outlook Add-On

SimplyFile turns filing Outlook messages into a one-click action and, having learned by example, suggests the correct target folder, too.

TabView Organizer - Outlook Add-On

TabView Organizer applies tabs to your Outlook folders so you can filter mail or contacts easily with a few clicks and find all unread mail from certain contacts containing particular keywords, for example.

X1 - Outlook Add-On

X1 lets you find text in emails, contacts, attachments and files fast.

E-mail Follow-Up - Outlook Add-On

E-mail Follow-Up can remind you if an email you sent did not receive a reply after a certain time, and it's easy to send a follow-up reminder to the original recipient, too.

Windows Search - Outlook Add-On

Windows Search lets you find emails, attachments, contacts, files and more in an easily accessible yet flexible interface.

Save Message InboxRULES Action - Outlook Add-On

Save Message InboxRULES Action is a near-perfect solution for saving messages and attachments automatically and flexibly from Outlook to disk using Outlook's native rules engine or plugging right into Exchange Server.

Auto-Mate - Outlook Add-On

Auto-Mate applies flexible rules to your Outlook folders (a number of smart filters are already included) periodically, automatically organizing your mail in the manner of a personal assistant.

SpamAid - Outlook Add-On

Using Bayesian statistics, SpamAid achieves a great spam detection rate and is really easy to use.

Junk-Out - Outlook Add-On

Junk-Out is a great anti-spam plug-in for Outlook. It combines the simplicity of Bayesian filters that just get it right with lots of flexibility.

FreeBusy - Outlook Add-On

FreeBusy is a handy tool that responds to email in Outlook whenever you're not ready to answer at once (because of a vacation or a meeting, for example).

Attach Plus - Outlook Add-On

Attach Plus makes sending files via email easy and flexible by compressing documents or converting them to PDF files.

Copernic Desktop Search - Outlook Add-On

Copernic Desktop Search makes it easy to find any email in any Outlook or Outlook Express folder fast.

OutlookPrinter - Outlook Add-On

OutlookPrinter lets you print emails from Outlook in every imaginable way, combining your own templates with a myriad of variables taken from the message to be printed.

HideOutlook - Outlook Add-On

HideOutlook hides Outlook from the taskbar when you minimize it, putting it in the system tray instead and makes a number of useful actions available from its icon.

Disruptor OL - Outlook Add-On

Disruptor OL is a thorough and highly effective approach to eliminating spam from your Outlook Inbox.

Mailinfo - Outlook Add-On

Mailinfo is a particularly comfortable tool that lets you know when emails you have sent are opened — and if they are not.

intraVnews - Outlook Add-On

intraVnews makes Outlook read RSS feeds naturally, allowing for smart grouping, searching, filtering and archiving of news items and blog posts.

OutTray - Outlook Add-On

OutTray minimizes Outlook to the Windows system tray reliably and in as easy a manner as possible.

CA Anti-Spam - Outlook Add-On

CA Anti-Spam allows only mail from approved senders to your Inbox, checks sender credentials to warn about phishing attempts and lets you search your emails quickly, too.

SplitEmail - Outlook Add-On

SplitEmail lets you highlight passages, add private comments and include attachments only for certain recipients using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AIM Mail.

Outlook-QuoteFix - Outlook Add-On

Outlook-QuoteFix makes Outlook quote the original message correctly in plain text replies.

Attachments2Zip - Outlook Add-On

Attachments2Zip lets you zip outgoing attachments with one click or even automatically in Outlook, and you can protect them with a password, too.