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While traditional payment systems like cash, credit and debit cards and so on, are still very much in vogue; the very latest trend among shoppers is mobile payment. Lately, one can find several credit card processing apps for smartphones and tablets. While this makes the entire process much easier and more streamlined, it is also useful for shoppers, as it also the cheaper method of payment.

Most mobile payment apps offer users reasonable, pay-as-you-go plans. This requires users to pay a flat percentage of the total expenditure as a processing fee. Many of these apps also allow the user to keep track of their payment and even print receipts of their transactions.

Here, we feature the 8 most popular mobile payment apps for a variety of mobile OS’:

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Google Wallet, which is steadily gaining popularity, supports just a few handsets as of today. It requires an NFC chip, which is now being incorporated into many of the latest mobile devices. Setting up this payment system is fairly simple. Users need to create a PIN number and enter their card information into the app. Next, the back of the phone should be tapped against the terminal supplied for payment. In case the user loses his or her phone, they can use the app’s built-in cloud connection to shut down their Google Wallet account.

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Making a mobile payment with PayPal is very easy and convenient. All users need to do is to link their PayPal account with their phone, setup a PIN and then go ahead to complete checkout at a related payment terminal. Though it is seemingly unsafe to imagine making a payment with merely one phone number, it is actually quite safe, as PayPal has a few security measures in place to prevent untoward issues. This system is now gaining popularity among several users. More »

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The GoPayment mobile payment system includes a free card reader plus apps for most Android phones, tablets and iOS 4.0+ devices. This service gives users the option of paying up a fraction of the percentage of expenditure or subscribing to a monthly plan. Participating merchants can send their customers a receipt via text or via email. Using Android devices, merchants can even print out receipts. Customers’ purchases are stored onto a database, which the merchant can then use to send promotional offers and deals at a later time.

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Square is a well-established app for iPhone and Android. While the original version has an add-on hardware facility, the latest Pay with Square app lets users make their mobile payment simply by entering and saving their name. The company claims that it already has a 75,000-strong merchant network spread out all over the nation.

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VeriFone is one of the largest mobile payment services, which offers a free card reader and app for iOS 4.3+ devices and a beta version for Android smartphones and tablets. This system offers users the option of going in for a percentage of the total transaction amount or subscribing for a fix monthly fee. Merchants can send email receipts to their customers, scan QR codes and also sync their inventories across a wide range of devices. More »

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LevelUp is yet another free app for iPhone and Android smartphones. Once users enter their card information, they can easily make payments at any participating outlet. This app basically shows up a QR code which the vendor can scan and confirm. Targeting small businesses, this app currently boasts of almost 4,000 participating merchants in the US. More »

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Venmo is a pay-by-text service, which enables users to pay one another using its unique system. Setting up this system is easy and users can pay any of their Facebook or other contacts. This system puts a maximum payment limit of $2000 per week. Recipients get a text message about the amount they have been sent. They have to register themselves in order to retrieve the amount.

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The PayAnywhere mobile payment system offers users a free card reader and app, which are compatible with Android 2.1+ phones, iOS 4.0+ phones and BlackBerry 4.7+ devices. However, this service does not support tablets. The service charges users a percentage of the total expenditure. Concerned merchants can send customized receipts to their customers by way of email, but not through text messages. iOS devices let merchants print out receipts using AirPrint-enabled devices. The service offers a convenient lock button which the merchant can employ when not using the app.


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