Most Popular Free Music Streaming Apps & Websites

Stream music for free all day long

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Music is important to a lot of us, and listening to great songs – ideally from a high-quality free music streaming app – is something we all want when we're at home, at work or on the go with our smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re in the zone at the office, partying, relaxing with your speakers at home or exercising, it’s always just nice to have some music that matches the mood. Indie music, for instance, is one of my favorites to listen to.

Many avid music listeners admit to having an iTunes library these days but purchasing music to download can get pricey. It also takes up space on your computer or device. And that’s where the magic of cloud streaming comes to save the day.

Below is a list of free music apps you should consider checking out. None of them require you to download music or take up precious storage space on your device. Many of them also have premium options, so if you like what they have to offer from their free versions but want more features and customization, then you can always upgrade. (By the way, if you want to improve the sound of your mobile music, read up on portable DAC AMPs.)  


P.S. Here are on-demand TV & movie streaming services if you're looking for those, too.

Spotify is slowly but surely becoming the most popular web subscription-based music streaming service worldwide that offers users unlimited access and streaming limits to an extremely wide variety of audio tracks, artists, genres, albums and playlists. With a free Spotify web player account, you can play any artist, album or playlist on shuffle for free.

All you need to do is sign up and start using it from the web, desktop application or mobile apps. You can use Spotify freely for however long you want but if you want to listen to specific tracks any time or build more complex playlists for yourself, you'll need to upgrade to a Spotify premium account.

Google Play Music offers more music than you'd ever imagine in any genre that you want and by practically any artist or band that has ever existed. There are also tons of pre-built playlists that are suggested to you based on the date and time, taking into account activities you might be doing or holidays that are coming up. You can even upload and sync up to 50,000 tracks from your own music collection.

The one major downside is that Google Play Music is loaded with ads. As long as you stick with the free version, be prepared to sit through lots of long commercials between songs.

Tip: You can even Snapchat with music playing from your phone.​

Pandora is “free personalized radio that only plays music you’ll love,” and at the moment it's only available for listeners in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

The Pandora "Music Genome Project" involved analyzing over 450 qualities of individual songs to produce an advanced algorithm that seeks to help users discover the music that fits their styles and tastes as accurately as possible.

You can create up to 100 unique stations and tweak them as you listen. There’s also an upgrade you can make, called Pandora One, that takes away the ads, offers higher listening quality, adds desktop applications, provides different custom skin choices, and minimizes interruptions while you’re enjoying music. You can even listen to Pandora in your car - it's surprisingly easy! was one of the most popular Internet radio services before music streaming really took off and it's still around today – continuing to offer one of the web’s largest selections of music that you can listen to for free. It's truly one of the most social music apps out there, which is a big reason why so many users have loved it for as long as they have.’s scrobbler feature lets you mix your music and discover new tunes automatically. Since is entirely powered by its community, using the scrobbler tool is a great way to fill up your library with tracks similar to what you already enjoy.

Claiming to be the best internet radio platform that's 100 percent free, Jango's mission is to make online music easy, fun and social. You can personalize your stations with the artists that you love or tune in to one of the many stations that have been curated by music experts. You'll also receive suggested favorites from users who share similar music tastes to help you discover more music.

Jango is available to listen to on the web or via its free mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. Perhaps best of all, this app has no pesky commercials between songs, making it a possibly more attractive option than Google Play Music if you really can't stand ads.

Slacker Radio calls itself the most complete music service on the planet. Users get access to millions of songs and hundreds of stations created by experts, along with talk radio options for news, sports, comedy and other hosted music shows. Free users can create their own stations from the Slacker Radio library and skip up to six tracks per hour.

You can listen on the web, on your mobile devices with the free app, or even in your car if you have a compatible in-car infotainment system. The free plan has a lot to offer but premium plans give users additional options like ad-free listening, offline listening, unlimited skips, custom playlists and more.

AccuRadio is another personalized internet radio platform that offers users free access to thousands of expertly curated channels. There are over 50 different genres to choose from and you can customize your listening experience by rating music and banning artists that you don't want to hear.

Unlike some of the other free alternatives listed here, AccuRadio offers unlimited free skips so you can keep skipping through tracks to find music you really love. You can also take advantage of their free apps for iOS and Android so you can listen to music anywhere.

MusixHub is an interesting one, because it brings you free music by creating playlists from YouTube music videos. Simply search for an artist, select an album and then start playing it. You can use the autoplay menu on the right side to skip through songs on the album or you can even click the "Try Different" button above the music video to listen to (and watch) other versions of the same song.

It looks like MusixHub does a pretty good job at finding high-quality songs on YouTube without the preroll ads. With an account, you can build your own library to customize your listening. There's also a Chrome extension available that you can use for an easy click-and-visit experience.

SoundCloud is a bit different from the rest of the music streaming services listed above. Instead of being able to listen to songs from major artists and record labels, like the stuff you hear on the radio, SoundCloud gives you the opportunity to listen to audio tracks from independent musicians, producers, and podcasters that are looking to promote and share their stuff. Some major, high-profile artists even use it to promote their music.

The SoundCloud apps are built for discovering and connecting with new artists, and you can even do the same with any music or audio you’ve created – completely free of charge. Just like other music platforms, you can customize your experience by selecting favorite audio tracks, following artists, building your own playlists, and even downloading tracks.

Although there is a fee ($99/year) for Amazon Prime, you can give the 30-day free trial a try before committing to a yearly membership. This gives you access to Amazon Prime Music, which offers subscribers unlimited access to over a million ad-free songs as well as curated playlists.

Songs can be purchased, sometimes downloaded for free offline listening and, also, placed on private playlists which can be access offline.