10 of the Most Expensive iPhone and iPad Apps On iTunes

Be Prepared to Pay $1,000 for Some of These Apps

Most premium iPhone apps usually aren't much more than $1.99. Some of the really good ones may even be $2.99 or $5.99, which isn't that big of a deal either. If there's a fancy iPad version, then you may have to fork over $19.99, which is a little more than what most people probably want to spend on an app, but it's not unreasonable.

Now, what if I told you that there were apps selling on the iTunes App Store for hundreds of dollars? And what if I said there were a rare few that actually go for as much as a thousand dollars or more?

Welcome to the amazing world of high-end mobile software. You can do practically anything with mobile devices these days if you're willing to pay the price for it!

Just to demonstrate how real this is, here are 10 of the most expensive apps you can find in the App Store today.

LogMeIn Ignition for $1,399.99

Smartphone and Money
Photo © Patrick George / Getty Images

$1,400 for an app? Seriously? That's what it says on the App Store, but there's reasoning behind it. If you read the description provided by the makers of this app, you'll see that this is the legacy version that their current customers can continue to use while it's still available online.

Brand new customers won't think twice about paying this much and are more likely to instead look into LogMeIn's subscription-based pricing, which is exactly what the company wants. 

VIP Black for $999.99

First of all, be aware that this very expensive app hasn't been updated since May of 2014. Nonetheless, it's still available today (at least for now) so it's worth mentioning in this list. Dubbed "the world's first premium lifestyle management app," it's made for the type of people you'd expect it to be made for: super rich people with nothing better to do than spending their money.

The app actually requires users to confirm that they are indeed "High Net Worth Individuals" with assets and/or income of at least one million pounds. I'm guessing that if you have $1,000 to spend on a lifestyle app, then that should be sufficient enough proof that you're filthy rich.

CyberTuner for $999.99

CyberTuner is a professional piano tuning app that will cost you more than what many average to good electronic keyboards cost. This app has been in development for three years, including one year of vigorous testing by music experts around the world.

Basically, if you're looking for the most sophisticated technology in piano tuning that's both easy to use and flexible enough to let you tune exactly the way you want with unbelievable accuracy, then this is the app you need. And as if the price didn't shock you enough already, users of the app will need to pay another $79.99 every year for CyberCare to get the upgrades.

QSFFStats for $999.99

Here's another wildly expensive app that hasn't been updated in ages (June of 2011) yet is still available to purchase for a whopping $1,000 from the App Store. Designed for flag football, this statistical app doesn't feature much to justify its enormous price tag, and you could probably achieve much of the same of what it offer with other spreadsheet/information tracking apps.

Serious flag footballers with a lot of dough to spend at the App Store (on a totally outdated app, might I remind you) could use it to keep track of passing, receiving, yards, scores, and interceptions. It was also designed to keep track of multiple lists, set games according to location, fields, dates, or times and upload a play-by-play stats report by email to be analyzed.

app.Cash for $999.99

app.Cash claims to be a "stylish cashier system for all purpose," with no extra details, other than the inclusion of the printer machine models that it apparently supports. Besides that, there's just one very lonely and bland screenshot that accompanies the minimal description.

Is it worth one thousand bucks? Perhaps we'll never know. The app has been updated recently, so it appears that there are some users of it happily taking orders through their iPhones and printing out their receipts.

KGulf for $499.99

Need to know exactly what's happening in the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait waters? Well then, KGulf has you covered if you're willing to pay $500 to get the 2D hydrodynamics prediction model that it features on your iPhone.

According to the developers, the app has the ability to simulate Arabian Gulf waters from ranging from the year 1975 to 2035, showing updated data on an hourly basis. Tests have found that it can actually predict tidal currents and water level variations extremely well even with very short simulation timeframes. It's another one to add to the list of obscure apps designed for a very small niche.

DDS GP Yes! for $499.99

DDS GP Yes! is a feature-packed iPad app made for dentists. Its main use is for helping patients gain a better visual understanding of certain dental conditions and treatments.

The app even comes with 37 different audio tracks geared toward dentists so that they can learn how to make the best use of the presentation-like app while in the company of a patient. It's really just an advanced tool that helps bridge the gap between the knowledgeable dentist and the uninformed patient so communication runs smoothly and the dentist has a higher chance of convincing the patient to make the best decisions for their oral health.

Tap Menu for $399.99

We're all about going digital these days, and the makers of the Tap Menu iPad app is on top of that trend. Or least they were, seeing as how the app hasn't been updated since November of 2013.

Designed for business owners who run restaurants, hotels and retail shops, the app can be used to turn menus, catalogs, and books into digital versions. All you have to do is start designing your new menu or catalog and upload your images. Cool idea for sure, but it doesn't look like this app caught on so well, and the huge price tag may have something to do with it.

Agro for $299.99

Thinking about pursuing an exciting career in agronomy, a.k.a. the science and technology of figuring out how to use plants in the best ways that benefit humanity? This app that's been designed specifically for agronomists may be exactly what you need.

Agro allows agronomists to manage all their client details, complete tailored inspection reports and eliminate or automate much of the manual work that agronomists traditionally deal with in their work. According to the app description, agronomists who make use of it can save up to 15 hours a week, as proven by the large corporations that have used it.

TouchChat AAC with WordPower for $299.99

This app is a powerful communication tool designed for people who aren't always able to say what they want using their natural voice, including those with autism, down syndrome, ALS, and other conditions. The app comes bundled with a series of vocabularies built to make communication easy and intuitive.

Another huge bonus is that the app is fully customizable to the user, offering them the ability to rearrange and copy buttons however they want. It also integrates with social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and iMessage to help users easily share text-based messages that they've generated.