3 of the Most Expensive Apps on iTunes

You'll gasp in shock at some of these app prices!

Many people aren't willing to spend more than a buck or two on a premium iOS app from the App Store. Even though, some of the most expensive apps that have been released have cost hundreds of dollars and some more than $1,000.

While several expensive apps have either been abandoned or taken offline over the years, you can still find many apps available at staggering prices. Here are some of the most expensive apps currently available on the App Store.

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The Most Advanced Piano Tuning App: CyberTuner for $999.99

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CyberTuner is a professional piano tuning app that will cost you more than what many decent electric pianos cost. This app has been in development for years, including one year of vigorous testing by music experts worldwide.

Designed for professional tuners who know the basics and own their own equipment, the CyberTuner app combines functions programmed by a Registered Piano Technician with an intuitive layout. Technicians have the freedom and flexibility to use the app to tune pianos precisely the way they want with incredible accuracy.

The CyberTuner app is updated regularly for the latest iOS versions and newest devices. New and enhanced features are added every so often. As if the price didn't shock you enough, users of the app will pay $79.99 every year for CyberCare to get the upgrades.

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A Specialized Payment App for Cashiers: app.Cash for $999.99

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app.Cash claims to be a "stylish cashier system for all purposes." The app is designed to replace the traditional cash register to create sales transactions and receive payments. It even works offline.

Although the app can be used by any business that collects customer data and takes payments, it appears to be tailored for restaurants so that servers can use a mobile device at customers' tables. Menu buttons are available and categorized by food and beverage types so that servers can input customers' orders into the app. A graphic representation of the tables can also be created and viewed to track table numbers and orders.

The app supports two printer models and must be updated by contacting the developer. It's one of the most expensive apps in the App Store at nearly $1,000. However, it claims to be cheaper than a traditional cash register system, making it an attractive option for some businesses.

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An Assisted Tech App to Support Vocal Speaking: TC with WordPower for $299.99

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TC with WordPower is a powerful assisted technology and communication tool designed for people who aren't always able to say what they want using their natural voice, including those with autism, Down syndrome, ALS, and other conditions. The app comes bundled with a series of vocabularies built to make communication easy and intuitive.

The app is available in English and Spanish. Words, phrases, and complete messages can be played via the built-in voice synthesizer or by a prerecorded message. Users can also tilt their devices slightly to trigger the app to display the message in large letters across the screen, making it convenient for them to communicate easily in loud environments.

One of the biggest perks of using this app is that it's fully customizable, offering users the ability to rearrange and copy buttons however they want or create new page sets using up to 30 button actions and more than 10,000 symbols.

TC with WordPower also integrates with social apps like Facebook and Twitter to help users easily share text-based messages that they generated.

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