The 10 Most Exciting Upcoming Android Games

The Games You Need to Get Excited About

There is no shortage of great games for Android mobile devices. Any fan of exciting mobile games should find something on this list of recent releases to play and enjoy.

Battle Bay

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Rovio's Battle Bay is a real-time multiplayer battle game that takes place on the high seas. Players choose a ship and outfit it with cannons, torpedoes, and grenades. You'll need to train your crew to do battle on the eight watery maps. Battle waves and hide behind swells to get the perfect shot. Form a guild with your friends and chat with them as you play.

Battle Bay was released in 2017. It requires Android 4.1 or higher. The game is a free download that contains ads, but it offers in-app purchases.


Voyageur is science fiction adventure game set in a galaxy that morphs each time you play through the game. You play as a misfit on a one-way FTL trip to the center of the galaxy, courtesy of the Descent Device. You assemble a crew and encounter unusual civilizations and memorable life forms along the way. Watch out for smugglers and resistance fighters as you buy supplies and move from planet to planet.

Voyageur launched on Android in 2017. It requires Android 4.2 or higher. It is a single-purchase game

Star Wars: Force Arena

Star Wars: Force Arena offers players exciting three-minute skirmishes to unlock card packs, so if you like this type of game, you'll like this one. Fans of Rogue One should enjoy the intense battles between Rebel Alliance fighters and the Imperial Empire. Play solo or join Guild mode to play with friends. Choose from more than 80 upgradeable characters in your fight for galactic dominance. 

Star Wars: Force Arena was released for Android in early 2017. The game is free and offers in-app purchases. It requires Android 4.0 or higher. 

Neon Chrome

If you are into top-down shooter games, don't miss Neon Chrome. This infinite twin-stick game is loaded with neon-futuristic cyberpunk attitude. It's both fun and challenging. Neon Crome is a high-end game with beautiful graphics, a destructible environment, and endless replay opportunities.  Expect lots of explosions and AI behavior. 

Neon Chrome was released by 10tons on Android in early 2017. This single-pay game requires Android 3 or later, but older equipment may not be able to keep up with the demands of the game.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 offers new fighting controls that are a massive improvement over its predecessor. Jump, duck, shoot and execute Super Moves as you play in the fighting style of one of the DC Super Heroes or Villains. Enjoy exciting new modes and new characters. The game's storyline is a continuation of Injustice: Gods Among Us. It is set in the future where Batman and cohorts fight a new threat to Earth's existence.

Injustice 2 from Warner Bros. International Enterprises was released in 2017. The free download contains ads. In-app purchases are available. The game requires Android 4.4 or higher.


Crashlands from Butterscotch Shenanigans is a mobile game to get excited about. Play as galactic trucker Flux Dabes who is stranded on an alien planet after part of his spaceship is stolen. To get off the planet, you'll have to craft spare parts. Stay busy adventuring, building, fighting and questing in this single-player action-adventure role-playing game.  

Crashlands was released in 2016 and was named the Game of the Year by several gaming sites. The game requires Android 2.3 or higher. It is a single purchase game.

Galaxy on Fire: Manticore

If you like dogfights and hair-raising aerial maneuvers, Galaxy on Fire: Manticore is a sci-fi space shooter game you shouldn't miss. You are a bounty hunter chasing the galaxy's most wanted criminals. You pick up a contract, choose a ship and equip it with weapons to capture your target. This is a gorgeous shooter game with great graphics and stunning action. Show off your piloting skills as you shoot your way through intergalactic gangs to fulfill your contract.

Galaxy on Fire: Manticore from Deep Silver was released for Android in 2017. The free download contains ads. In-app purchases are available. 

Kill Shot Virus

Kill Shot Virus from Hothead Games is a sniper-based shooter game complete with zombies. Your assignment is to take out the zombie hordes that roam the post-apocalyptic world through a series of missions using your weaponry arsenal and skills. Join a survival group and work together to obliterate the undead. Zombies include Jumpers, Exploders, Screechers and other monstrosities. 

The Kill Shot Virus was released in 2017. The free download includes ads, and in-app purchases are available. The game requires Android 4.4 or higher. 


Suminell Games

If you're a fan of retro-style games, Z-Exemplar's Commodore 64 stylings will appeal right away. There's an interesting structure that's nonlinear as you explore the galaxy's different levels, racking up power-ups and upgrades you need to deal with the difficult enemies in your way. The gameplay is R-Type-esque, but with a feel all its own. You'll experience fast-action, laser-blasting quests using more than 20 upgradeable weapons. The gameplay seems simple on the surface, but the goal is to conquer all the planets in a hostile galaxy, which is anything but simple. 

Z-Exemplar was released for Android by Suminell Studios in mid-2016 as a single-purchase game. It requires Android 2.3 or higher. 

Super Mario Run

Nintendo's classic runner game has arrived for Android as Super Mario Run. Play this favorite in one of three modes:

  • World Tour mode is like a traditional Mario game.
  • In Toad Rally mode you compete against your friends' scores.
  • In Kingdom Builder mode, spend coins you've gathered to unlock additional characters and customize your Mushroom Kingdom. 

Super Mario Run is a free download that offers in-app purchases. It requires Android 4.2 or higher.