The Most Anticipated Apple Watch Apps

A Look at Some of the Most Exciting Apps for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has yet to go on sale, but that hasn’t stopped Cupertino from teasing many of the apps that will run on its wearable. From the SPG app that lets you unlock your hotel room from the watch face to an Uber app that lets you order a ride directly from your wrist, these are some of the top downloads to look for when the Apple Watch hits stores on April 24th.

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Instagram app for the Apple Watch

This photo-sharing app is a go-to for killing time, so having your feed accessible right from your wrist will make life even easier. Apple Watch users will be able to scroll through and like their friends’ photos, just as they’d do on the smartphone version of the Instagram app. As a bonus, they’ll even be able to leave emoji comments.

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WeChat app for the Apple Watch

A popular messaging app for connecting with friends using various smartphone platforms, WeChat will bring Apple Watch users their latest notifications. It will also offer the ability to reply to messages with a text, sticker or emoji.

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Twitter app for the Apple Watch

The Twitter app for Apple Watch displays trending topics and your feed, and it can notify you when new tweets are posted. You’ll be able to retweet or favorite them from your wrist as well. With the built-in microphone, you also have the ability to compose tweets.  

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Facebook app for Apple Watch

Based on a demo at the Apple Watch event in March, it appears that the Facebook app will display notifications, such as new comments, messages and friend requests. You’ll be able to view and dismiss these from your wrist.

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American Airlines

American Airlines app for the Apple Watch

American is one of several airlines with Apple Watch apps on the docket, and its functionality goes beyond flight notifications. You’ll be able to check in from the Apple Watch, as well as track your progress during the flight.

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Uber app for the Apple Watch

As you'd expect, the Uber app for the Apple Watch brings the ability to order a ride directly to your wrist. The functionality is essentially identical to the ride-sharing app for Android and iPhone, with the screen displaying the estimated time until your lift arrives along with information about your driver and his or her car.

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Evernote app for Apple Watch

This super popular note-taking and organizational app will offer some convenient features on the Apple Watch. In addition to displaying recent notes, it will let you dictate new memos and set reminders. 

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CNN app for the Apple Watch

The CNN app for the Apple Watch is a good example of the smartwatch and smartphone working together; you can open a story on your wrist and continue reading it on your iPhone. You can even use the Apple Watch to launch CNN TV on your handset. Naturally, the app will also provide notifications for breaking news. 

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Strava app for the Apple Watch

Working in tandem with the iPhone, the Strava running and cycling app for Apple Watch displays stats including elevation, heart rate, distance and average speed. The app will also provide motivation in the form of trophies awarded each time you set a new personal record. 

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SPG: Starwood Hotels and Resorts

SPG app for the Apple Watch

As demoed at the Apple Watch event, you’ll be able to use the SPG Keyless feature directly from your wrist. In other words, you can unlock your Starwood hotel room with the smartwatch. You’ll also be able to view details for upcoming stays as well as your SPG account info.

These 10 apps provide a good preview of the kind of functionality you can expect on the Apple Watch, but there are many more to come. In fact, a recent Apple Store update brought Apple Watch compatibility to a wide variety of existing downloads, including Air Canada, The Wall Street Journal and weather app Dark Sky. Check back here for new app releases in the coming months!