Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Cheats and Unlockables for PS3

Unlock all secret characters and achievements on the PS3

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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a crossover fighting game featuring heroes and villains from wildly different franchises. In addition to secret characters and achievements, the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe has cheat codes that allow you to unlock alternate costumes and select a random fighter.

These cheats apply to the Xbox 360 version. There are also cheats for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe on PS3.

How to Unlock Secret Characters in MK vs. DC Universe

There are two secret characters to unlock:

  • Darkseid can be unlocked by successfully completing the DC side of story mode.
  • Shao Kahn can be unlocked by successfully completing the MK side of story mode.

To play as one of the unlocked characters, press R1 at the character select screen.

How to Unlock Alternate Costumes

Press Start as you select your character to unlock their alternate outfit.

How to Select a Random Character

Hold Up + Start at the character select screen to choose a random fighter.

MK vs. DC Universe PS3 Achievements

Earn achievements in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe by completing various challenges.

Achievement How to Unlock
Arcade Master Beat Arcade Max without using a continue.
Bring It On! Complete Jax's Kombo Challenge.
Cat Burglar Complete Catwoman's Kombo Challenge.
Challenger! Play 10 Ranked Matches online.
Clown Prince of Crime Complete the Joker's Kombo Challenge.
Combo Champion Perform a 10-hit combo in Arcade Mode.
DC Arcade Champion Complete Arcade Mode with all DC characters.
Deadly Alliance Complete Story Mode MK Chapter 5.
Emperor of Outworld Complete Shao Kahn's Expert Combos.
Evil Genius Complete Lex Luthor's Kombo Challenge.
Fastest Man Alive Complete the Flash's Kombo Challenge.
Fatality! Do anyone’s Fatality.
Free Fallin' Perform a Free-Fall Transition.
Get Over Here! Complete Scorpion's Kombo Challenge.
Grand Master Complete Sub-Zero's Kombo Challenge.
Green Lantern's Light! Complete Green Lantern's Kombo Challenge.
Heroic Brutality! Do anyone’s Heroic Brutality.
Humiliation! Get a Flawless Victory online.
Infiltration Complete Story Mode MK Chapter 3.
Invasion Complete Story Mode DC Universe Chapter 3.
Less Talk, More Fight! Win a Chat Room Match Online.
Master of Souls Complete Shang Tsung's Kombo Challenge.
MK Arcade Champion Complete Arcade Mode with all MK characters.
Mortal Kombat Champion Finish Arcade Mode with an MK character.
Omega Effect Complete Darkseid's Expert Combos.
Online Champion Win 25 Ranked Matches in a row.
Outworld's Princess Complete Kitana's Kombo Challenge.
Princess Diana Complete Wonder Woman's Kombo Challenge.
Relentless! Play 100 Chat Lobby matches online.
Shaolin Monk Complete Liu Kang's Kombo Challenge.
SHAZAM! Complete Captain Marvel's Kombo Challenge.
Special Forces Complete Sonya's Kombo Challenge.
Special Move Master Perform all special moves.
Strange Forces Complete Story Mode DC Universe Chapter 1.
Super Hero Finish Arcade Mode with a DC character.
Supreme Champion Finish Kombo Challenge mode on MK and DC.
Tarkatan Champion Complete Baraka's Kombo Challenge.
The Assassin Complete Deathstroke's Kombo Challenge.
The Caped Crusader Complete Batman's Kombo Challenge.
The Competitor Play 200 Versus Matches.
The Finisher Perform all finishing moves in the game.
The Man of Steel Complete Superman's Kombo Challenge.
The Mercenary Complete Kano's Kombo Challenge.
The Pugilist Perform Klose Kombat.
The Thunder God Complete Raiden's Kombo Challenge.
The Ultimate Evil! Complete both Mortal Kombat and DC Universe stories.
Universe Reborn Complete the DC Universe side of Story Mode.
Unlikely Alliance Complete Story Mode DC Universe Chapter 5.
Worlds Collide Complete Story Mode MK Chapter 1.
Worlds Remade Complete the MK side of Story Mode.
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