More PS5, PS4, and PS1 Games Coming to PlayStation Plus This Month

From triple-A classics to indie darlings

Your PlayStation Plus library is getting 13 more games this month, with titles spread across the PS1, PS4, and PS5.

Sony has released its list of upcoming PlayStation Plus games for January, offering a baker's dozen games across various genres to rival this month's Game Pass offerings. Competitive and cooperative multiplayer, action, adventure, hefty plots, utter chaos, and even golf are on offer—though a PS+ membership is required.

Playing games on PlayStation

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Over-the-top anime fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ and semi-supernatural mysteries Life is Strange, and its Before the Storm prequel are on offer for the PS4. Along with the surreal rhythm arcade game Sayonara Wild Hearts, puzzle adventure Omno, and live-action thriller Erica.

The action-heavy Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is also being added for the PS5. While cooperative zombie shooter Back 4 Blood, sci-fi action-adventure Jett: The Far Shore, and the chaotic sandbox that is Just Cause 4: Reloaded will be accessible for both PS4 and PS5.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

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A handful of classic original PlayStation (PS1) games also join the service, including third-person shooter Syphon Filter 3 and vehicular combat via Star Wars Demolition. But if you'd rather take things at a more leisurely pace, the somewhat cartoony Hot Shots Golf 2 might warrant a look instead.

All PS4 and PS5 games coming this month will go live for PlayStation Plus Premium (Deluxe) and Extra members starting on Tuesday, January 17th. However, playing the three upcoming PS1 Classics will require a Premium membership.

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