More Holiday Celebration Sounds Are Coming to a Nest Doorbell Near You

And not just the obvious choices like Thanksgiving and Halloween

Google is adding even more holiday-themed ringtones to its Nest Doorbell library, but only for a limited time.

Special holiday ringtones are a yearly tradition for Google's Nest Doorbell, but apparently, it didn't think there were enough options because now Google's covering even more holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays—there are a lot of them available both throughout the year and for limited-time occasions. The tough part is deciding which ones to use.

Google Nest audio UX Designer, Benjamin Decker


Halloween ringtones will be available starting in early October, much like last year, but you can get a head start on the themed festivities with a new accordion polka composed for Oktoberfest. Unlike other themed tones like Thanksgiving or Halloween, the Oktoberfest chime avoids sound effects and sticks with more traditional instrumentation, probably because the traditional German celebration isn't normally associated with turkeys, bats, reindeer, and the like.

Mounted Nest Doorbell

Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty Images

More tones for Diwali and Lunar New Year will also roll out within their respectively appropriate celebration windows, and Google has stated it's working on ringtones for even more global holidays and events, though it hasn't provided a complete list or timeline just yet.

You can set up the new Oktoberfest ringtone through your Google Home app starting September 5. It will be available for one month, through October 5, at which point another holiday option will take its place. Google recommends keeping an eye on its Made By Google Twitter account for future announcements regarding upcoming and newly released specialized Nest chimes.

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