More Future Devices May Have Samsung S Pen Capabilities

Expanding the popular accessory

Samsung’s S Pen reportedly is coming to more Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the future. 

According to SamMobile, the company will add S Pen compatibility to upcoming high-end Galaxy smartphones, further expanding the list of devices that you can use the popular stylus with. 

Samsung S Pen

Getty Images/Bryan Bedder/Stringer

Last week, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 was revealed to have S Pen compatibility. However, based on renderings, the phone that is set to be revealed in August doesn't appear to have a built-in slot to store the S Pen. Hopefully, whatever future devices Samsung decides to have S Pen capabilities will include that storage space, so you can take the stylus with you on the go. 

Lifewire reached out to Samsung for comment about whether all Samsung phones will eventually have S Pen capability, but we have not yet received a response. 

The S Pen is a popular accessory for Samsung since it first debuted in 2015 and feels like a pen gliding across paper when you use it on your device. The stylus was at first limited to the Galaxy Note series and certain models of the Galaxy Tab before expanding to the Galaxy S21 Ultra in January. 

Closeup of the Galaxy S Pen in the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro.


You can use your S Pen stylus for a whole host of things, including sending live messages, magnifying your screen, writing directly on screenshots, using Air Command, and more. 

Samsung announced a new S Pen Pro earlier this year that further expands on the features of the original model. The S Pen Pro is larger in size, with Bluetooth Low Energy support features like controlling your phone from across the room. The new S Pen Pro is set to debut in the fall, possibly during a Samsung Unpacked event in August

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