More Channels, and Free Movies, Are Available on LG Channels Right Now

But the films are only free for a limited time

Several new channels—and some free movies—are making their way to LG Channels this month.

Free streaming service (for LG TV users) LG Channels is once again adding more channels to its lineup, but this time it's also throwing a few free movies into the mix for a limited time. And as long as you have an LG TV and the LG Channels app, you can watch to your heart's content.



Channels include ACL Cornhole TV for American Cornhole League coverage (channel 492), Dust for sci-fi lovers (channel 257), and Estrella TV for Spanish news and entertainment (channel 824). There's also Love Nature (channel 101), which is all about nature, and dedicated 90s music channel Stingray Nothin' but the 90s (channel 913). According to LG, these five additions bring LG Channels' total number of available channels to over 350.

As for those free movies, LG TV owners will have seven to choose from—or not really "choose from" since they're free and you can watch them all. Hillary Swank makes dual appearances in both "Million Dollar Baby" and "P.S. I Love You," with Jim Carrey doing the same in "The Mask" and "Yes Man." There's also "Doc Hollywood" starring Michael J. Fox, "Going the Distance" with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, and 1990's "The Rookie" starring Charlie Sheen and Raul Julia.

LG Channels' freebie films are available through the month of September. All of the previously mentioned new channels are also available now in the US.

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