MoodMetric Ring Tracks Your Emotions, Not Calories Burned

Log your emotions and leverage relaxation exercises


When it comes to wearables, there are tons of devices that promise to track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned and other workout-related metrics. Options that monitor your moods? Well, there are considerably fewer of these.

Billed as "the smallest mood-tracking technology," the Moodmetric ring is a product from a Finnish startup that seems to have been introduced as early as late 2014. However, it's just starting to garner some real attention – likely due to a more developed wearables market these days – and the product is currently available to order through the Moodmetric website for the odd price of 229.40 Euros (about $248). Read on for more information on this unique approach to wearables.

Emotional Intelligence Through Tracking?

Like most smartwatches and activity trackers, the Moodmetric works in conjunction with a smartphone app, where you'll be able to view all your data. As for your personal data, it's focused on your "emotional levels," which the Moodmetric ring is able to determine and log using "autonomous nervous system signals."

The app shows you your "instant mood level," which is displayed in a scope curve to reflect minute-to-minute changes in your reactions and mood. There's also a Moodmetric score, which takes the emotional data of your last five minutes to assign you a number from 1 to 100, with "100 being your highest emotional level" – not a good thing, in other words.

You'll be able to view past emotions via an "emotional log" as well, with data broken down and displayed by the hour. Though I have to say, that sounds like a recipe for disaster if you've been going through a rough patch; I personally wouldn't want to relive bad memories, but if it can help you understand certain patterns, more power to you, and to this device!

Of course, it would be irresponsible for a product to offer up all these tidbits about your emotions without providing any tools for calming and relaxing when stress and other negative feelings do arise. And Moodmetric does take this into account, offering deep relaxation and mindfulness exercises. In fact, through the app you can take advantage of a Practice feature that gives you a result after you perform one of these types of tests – you can even pick the length of the test, which is a cool feature – and you can track your past performance thanks to a practice log.

A final feature of the tracking that looks especially cool to me: There's a Moodflower view that displays your emotional ups and downs throughout a given day. This mode will also display your average Moodmetric score – and it includes step tracking. That's not to say it could replace a full-fledged activity tracker, but it's still nice to have.

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Other Jewelry-Style Wearables

While Moodmetric seems to be pretty unique in its "teched-up mood ring" approach, it's not the only wearable that comes in a jewelry – let alone ring – form factor. There's also Ringly, a device that's received quite a bit of coverage over the last year. This product alerts you when you receive texts, email, and other notifications on your smartphone via a vibration. At $195, it's a bit cheaper than the Moodmetric ring, and it also offers some functionality that you might find more practical than tracking emotions. For more on multitasking wearable jewelry, see my round-up post.