How to Build a Legendary Monster Legends Team

Tips for building the best team in Monster Legends

In Monster Legends, the makeup of your team is crucial. Whether you're up against AI or actual players in multiplayer mode, pitting an optimal mix of monsters against certain enemy types is the name of the game. How can you construct the best team possible in Monster Legends? There is no one answer, as it depends on a number of factors, including what level you are and who you're fighting against.

In this guide we'll provide a general walkthrough of the most important details to keep in mind when building your team and working from a Monster Legends tier list.

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Monster Team Building for Beginners

While a well crafted team becomes more important at higher levels, you can still gain an advantage in the game's early stages by sending the right set of monsters onto the battlefield. In most battles, you have the option of switching monsters in and out before the fight begins, letting you set your strategy based on the styles of opponents you're up against via the CHANGE TEAM button.

The key to knowing which soldiers from your army should heed the call during a particular skirmish is first having a solid understanding of the game's elements and which beasts fare best against others on both offense and defense.

As you progress through the Adventure Map and gain more experience as a Monster Master, swapping fighters in and out to counteract different types of foes will become second nature. It's this comfort level that you'll need to stand a chance against higher-level NPCs and in PvP battles.

Consult our Monster Legends Breeding Guide for a primer on each element-based line of monsters and their corresponding strengths and weaknesses.

Special Skills and Items

While getting a feel for which elementals work best in which situations is a must, you should be aware of the skills each member of your bestiary possesses as well as the best times to wield them in battle. The Skills tab in each monster's profile provides in-depth details of each available skill, including its speed and stamina costs as well as its overall effects.

Although many skills are focused on dealing damage or beefing up a defense, others can be used to heal or rejuvenate one or more members of your own team. Foregoing an attack to utilize one of these passive skills at the right time could save you from a costly defeat.

At the bottom of the aforementioned profile tab are a monster's special skills, the most powerful in their individual toolbox. Before committing to a team and tapping the Fight button, you should be well aware of the special skills you'll have at your fingertips, in addition to when and how to deploy them.

Equipping your monsters with the appropriate items before a fight is another important yet often disregarded element of team building. Dozens of diverse, level-dependent items can be purchased in the Monster Legends shop for gold or gems. Take your time while browsing the virtual shelves and make sure the team is properly equipped for their next adventure before stepping foot off of your island.

Rather than relying only on skills alone, a well-prepared team stocks up on potions, scrolls, amulets, antitoxins, and other useful items before getting down to business.

Legendary Monster Team Building

When you reach the game's advanced stages, building a team of Legendary Monsters finally becomes a realistic possibility. Reaching the point where you can assemble a Legendary squad is pretty exciting.

Bred by combining two specific hybrids or purchased in the shop for a hefty fee, Legendary Monsters are the best the game has to offer. Their special skills, resistances, and impressive stat lines make each one the total package.

There is not a perfect grouping of Legendary Monsters, and opinions vary greatly depending on who you ask. In fact, perhaps no other Monster Legends topic of discussion can stir up a passionate debate as much as this one. With that said, there are some guidelines that you can follow when crafting a team of these elite warriors and they're strikingly similar to those rules you applied as a newbie.

The guidelines here are also to adjust your lineup based on the battles you'll be fighting in, as we described above. The main difference, however, lies in the fact that Legendary skillsets are much deeper and require quite a bit more in terms of strategy. Bottom line, do your homework and know your Legendary beasts inside and out before sending them to war as a unit.

Here are some of the more popular Legendary Monsters available.

  • Cavenfish: Speed (3,454); Power (3,080); Immune to Freeze; Special Skill - Pirate Execution
  • Caillech: Speed (3,465); Power (3,146); Immune to Freeze; Special Skill - Ultra Frost
  • Sarah: Speed (3,476); Power (3,234); Immune to Stun; Special Skill - Let's Fleece Them
  • Glitch: Speed (3,465); Power (3,421); Immune to Possession; Special Skill - Crash Override
  • Krampus: Speed (3,531); Power (3,124); Immune to Nightmares; Special Skill - Ruined Christmas
  • General Thetys: Speed (3,421); Power (3,278); Status Effects 35% less accuracy; Special Skill - Release the Draken
  • Frostbite: Speed (3,421); Power (3,476); 20% Extra Stamina; Special Skill - Ethereal Blizzard
  • Timerion: Speed (3,388); Power (2,310); Immune to all Status Effects; Special Skill - Initial State
  • Kaih the Eradicator: Speed (3,399); Power (3,663); Status Effects 50% less accuracy; Special Skill - Solar Flare
  • Zyla the Faithful: Speed (3,498); Power (3,421); Status Effects 50% less accuracy; Special Skill - Chain Devastation
  • Arch Knight: Speed (3,080); Power (3,080); Immune to Blind; Special Skill - Redeem Prayer
  • Lord of the Atlantis: Speed (3,388); Power (2,926): Immune to Blind; Special Skill - Pressure Difference
  • Rockantium: Speed (2,618); Power (3,311); Immune to Blind; Special Skill - Marble Hat
  • Hiroim the Tenacious: Speed (3,476); Power (3,201); Status Effects 50% less accuracy; Special Skill - I Am Unstoppable
  • Nox the Condemned: Speed (3,421); Power (3,542); Status Effects 50% less accuracy; Special Skill - Dauthuz
  • Valgar the Pure: Speed (3,388); Power (3,388); Status Effects 50% less accuracy; Special Skill - Unleashed Light Power
  • Captain Copperbeard: Speed (3,465); Power (3,531); Immunity to Stun and Freeze; Special Skill - Curse of the Cosmos

Player versus Player (PvP) Team Building

While battling against a seemingly endless compendium of computer-controlled monsters is a lot of fun, nothing beats the intensity of pitting your team of beasts against a set of foes owned and operated by another Monster Legends player. When it comes to PvP, however, there are actually two different types of teams that you need to consider—your Attack Team and your Defense Team.

When it comes to player-versus-player team building, there are two different types of teams to consider: your Attack Team and your Defense Team.

Your PvP Attack Team
The Attack Team build concept is somewhat similar to the basic team construction described in detail at the outset of this article, as you're selecting the three monsters that you wish to use in a particular battle. Instead of stepping onto the battlefield and modifying your team based on the opponents seen, however, you're given the opportunity to make any necessary switches beforehand.

The PvP BATTLE tab lists a series of potential real-life opponents who are waiting in a queue. You can enter combat with any of them by selecting the FIGHT button accompanying their team profile. This profile not only displays the specific monsters on each player's Defense Team but also the number of trophies you stand to win or lose based on the outcome of the battle. You can alter the makeup of your Attack Team at any time before starting a fight via the CHANGE YOUR TEAM button, found at the bottom of the screen.

Just as you adjust your team members on-the-fly when battling computer monsters to counteract their particular strengths and weaknesses, you'd want to configure an Attack Team that has the best chance of victory against the set of beasts which you're choosing to scrap with. Another key difference that should be factored into your decision-making when it comes to PvP battles is what you stand to lose.

If the best matchup presented to you at the moment still seems too tough then you may want to practice patience and wait for one more suited to your best three monsters, especially if you stand to lose a significant number of trophies and risk being dropped back to a lesser league that you might not want to play in.

Your PvP Defense Team
Your Defense Team, meanwhile, follows a different set of rules and serves another purpose altogether. The battle queue described above lists players in your current league who are ready to take on any and all challengers who wish to fight their three monsters shown. These are those players' Defense Teams, which cannot be modified once a battle begins.

Because you don't have the luxury of seeing who you're fighting beforehand when constructing your Defense Team, there really is no one perfect blueprint. When planning your Defense Team, it is recommended that you utilize three diverse and powerful monsters to ensure that you have a balanced mix of multi-element offensive attacks along with the ability to utilize strong defensive and healing skills if needed.

Another important factor when selecting your Defense Team is to be aware of the serious limitations that come along with it. Any monsters assigned to your Defense Team are not available elsewhere in the game, whether it be on your Attack Team or in other non-PvP fights. Player-on-player battles are just one aspect of Monster Legends, so keep this in mind when assigning beasts to your Defense Team.

Team Races and Team Wars: Joining Forces With Other Players

It's hard to top the excitement of coming up with a solid game plan and sending the best of your monster army up against another player, which is why the PvP leagues are always such a beehive of activity. With that said, Monster Legends offers another path to prizes and glory that requires cooperation and collaboration among players.

In Team Wars, real players join up and wage a multi-day war against other teams with the accolades of winning on the line and, more importantly, a bounty of War Coins. These hard-to-get coins can then be used to purchase exclusive monsters and powerful items. In Team Races, groups of real-player teams are placed on an island and tasked with completing quests and winning battles within a specific time window. In the end, all members of the winning team typically receive a high-ranking monster egg not accessible anywhere else in the game.

You need to build the Team Zeppelin—available at Level 16 or above—In order to be eligible to create or join a real-player team

In order to be eligible to create or join a real-player team and participate in either one of these events, you must first build the Team Zeppelin—available at Level 16 or above. Creating your own team makes you Team Leader automatically and also lets you specify the necessary prerequisites for joining. Prerequisites can include whether or not your team is open to all players who meet said requirements, or if it's a private group in which you have the ability to reject qualified players for any reason.

If you're not keen on running your own team but are interested in joining one, there are a few ways to go about it. The most obvious and simple method is to ask friends who also play the game if they know of any teams looking to add players in your Monster Power range. Another is to check out some of the community-run forums and social media groups which Monster Legends Team Leaders and Co-leaders often use for recruiting purposes. You can also find plenty of potential teammates during chats and by making friends with other players.

One of the best places to find recruiters is the Team Hall section of Social Point's Monster Legends forums. Others include Monster Legends on Reddit and Monster Legends Recruitment on Facebook.