What Is Monster Legends?

Should my kids play on the Monster Legends app?

Monster Legends is a multiplayer role-playing game where you raise an army of monsters from unhatched eggs into formidable fighters, preparing your beasts for the battlefield from the outset.

With hundreds of monsters available (each with a unique skill set) and the ability to breed and create new hybrid species, virtually every player in this robust RPG commands their elite force.

Monster Legends battle

What is the Monster Legends Game About?

Playable in a web browser through Facebook or in the Android and iOS apps, Monster Legends lets you pit your army of specially-trained beasts against computer-controlled foes and millions of players from around the globe.

As you progress in your role as Monster Master, you'll enhance a customized Monster Paradise where your creatures reside in specially-made habitats. It's on this island where you feed your monsters, facilitate their training, and breed them between heading out to battle or embarking on quests and other mini-games to gain experience and precious loot.

Available in several popular languages and free to play, the Monster Legends turn-based fights are similar to traditional RPG battles and require a strategic mind and careful planning when you reach higher levels. As your team grows in strength, so does the ability to take part in a gratifying player-versus-player action.

With new monsters, items, and progression paths added weekly and a reasonably in-depth gaming engine, Monster Legends offers long-term fun for anyone who chooses to commit.

How to Get Started

Monster Legends can be played on Facebook or through an app. No matter what method you use, the process is simple, and you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

When you open the game for the first time, Pandalf, the long-bearded Monster Master, greets you. He gives you a step-by-step primer on how to develop your island.

  • Step 1: Building a Habitat: Pandalf walks you through the process of buying and setting up a Fire Habitat on your island, the only type of habitat available to Level 1 players.
  • Step 2: Creating a Monster: After you have a habitat, create your first monster by purchasing a Firesaur egg and waiting for it to hatch. Once hatched, place your new monster in the Fire Habitat.
  • Step 3: Feeding Your Monster: Your Firesaur may be cute at Level 1, but it's not much use in a battle. Pandalf guides you through feeding it so that it gains experience points and becomes stronger.
  • Step 4: Building a Farm: Monster food isn't free, so building a farm on your island allows you to grow food. The first item you'll produce is Blue Lizard's tails (yum!).

It's at this point where the introductory tutorial ends, and Pandalf lets you play on your own, instructing you to expand your island with more monsters. He's never far away, as a click or tap on the Goals button guides you through the recommended steps, which include combining Fire with Nature on the Breeding Mountain to create a hybrid Greenasaur monster.

As you progress, your island and your army develop to where you're ready for your first battle, which is when the excitement begins. Over time you'll become more comfortable with battles, eventually working your way up to PvP Mode. In PvP Mode, you team up with and fight against other gamers to climb the leaderboards. Those who thrive in this part of the game get to participate in Legendary Leagues, where the accolades and rewards are highly coveted.

You don't have to integrate Monster Legends with a Facebook account if you're playing the app. Still, it helps along the way as sharing your status and other updates at certain junctures throughout the game grants you additional gold, treasure, experience points, and new monsters.

Is Monster Legends Safe for My Child?

Monster Legends is rated 9+ due to occasional cartoon violence, meaning that children under the age of 9 should not play the game. Although it has a younger vibe to it in terms of animation style, some of the advanced gameplay combined with the vast compendium of creatures, items, skills, and statistics attracts adults as well.

There are Global and Team chat formats in-game, often necessary for PvP, which exposes children to a level of communication and exposure that you may not be comfortable with as a parent. It is the case with virtually all multiplayer games, but that doesn't make it any less of a potential threat.

If your child has a Facebook profile, the game's direct integration with the social media site could pose some danger if they connect with the wrong people. However, that aspect is something that a parent can control through Facebook, so there is less risk there.

Keep an eye on your child's online activity, including within Monster Legends. The goal is not to scare you away from allowing your kids to play Monster Legends. It's a fun game that teaches math, strategy, patience, and teamwork.

It doesn't cost anything to play Monster Legends. However, there are in-game purchases available. Make sure you manage in-app purchases so your children aren't buying gems or other goodies without your permission (or else you could be in for an unpleasant surprise the next time you look at your credit card statement).

  • How do I access the monster books in the Monster Legends app?

    You need to unlock the Library to access the monster books. To unlock the Library, make it to level 14 > repair the Library island > tap the island > start completing books.

  • How do I disable app purchases in Monster Legends on Android?

    You can disable in-app Monster Legends purchases by setting a password for any purchases in Google Play. To set a password, select Settings > Authentication > Require authentication for purchases. To restrict access to certain apps and content, set up parental controls on your Android device.

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