Monopoly Family Fun Pack Review (XONE)

Monopoly Family Fun Pack

The Monopoly Family Fun Pack from Ubisoft is a bundle of Monopoly goodness that includes both the classic Monopoly we know and love (with customizable boards), along with the modern card game version of the game called Monopoly Deal. The retail disc will set you back $30, but you can also download the games separately to lower the cost to just the parts you actually want, which is probably the best option. Monopoly is almost always a good time, and the Monopoly Family Fun Pack is worth a look.

Game Details

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • ESRB Rating: “E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Board Game
  • Pros: Monopoly Plus is well done; great fun in multiplayer.
  • Cons: Monopoly Deal is only so-so; no options to speed up play; crazy violent controller rumble.

Just to clarify again, you can buy the Monopoly Family Fun Pack for $30, which includes Monopoly Plus (along with My Monopoly custom board DLC), and Monopoly Deal. You can also opt to download each component separately, which makes Monopoly Plus $15, the My Monopoly DLC $5, and Monopoly Deal $10. Monopoly Plus and Monopoly Deal each have their own achievement lists worth 1000 Gamerscore each. 

We really appreciate this approach, because we had a lot more fun with classic Monopoly Plus than we did with Monopoly Deal, and having the option to just buy one and save some money is very nice. The My Monopoly board customization lets you re-name spaces and put different decorations in the center of the board. Nice, and perhaps worth it if you're really creative, but we didn't get much out of it.

Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus is the real attraction here, and it offers the classic Monopoly experience everyone is familiar with. You can play it on 3D tables with lots of "stuff" all over the center of the board, or in classic mode with the plain old school board. You can play it locally with up to six players (either passing one controller around or everyone using their own controller, solo against AI, as well as online with up to six players. This is pure Monopoly, and it works well. 

We do have a couple of complaints, though. First, is that there are no options to speed up play for the AI, which makes the games grind along kind of slowly. Second, you can opt to use certain house rules, such as getting money on Free Parking, changing how landing on "Go" works, or being able to build houses without a Monopoly, among others, but you can only choose one such rule. It would be nice to really customize the rules however you want. Another complaint, that also applies to Monopoly Deal, is that they made the controller rumble really crazy hard when it's the start of your turn. Like, really, really violently hard. Make sure to turn the rumble off in the options, trust us.

Other than those nitpicks, however, Monopoly Plus is a really solid game of Monopoly. Playing with the AI is fine, but it really perks up when playing with other people. This is actually one of the better video game versions of Monopoly available.

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Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal, on the other hand, isn't so great. This is a totally revamped way to play Monopoly that is just a card game. All of the same property cards are included, and the idea is still to collect Monopolies, but you also get cards with monetary values as well as cards that let you force trades with other players, force them to pay you money, and other stuff. The idea is, essentially, to screw other players into giving up their property cards when and if they don't have any money cards to give you. The first player to have three Monopolies wins. It is a weird game that can radically shift on just one turn. We're not sure if its actually any fun, though.

Monopoly Deal is only playable via Xbox Live. You can't play against AI and you can't play local multiplayer (because then the other players would see what cards you have). Making a game like this online only is just a big mistake. Even right now around launch, finding a game was tough, and we don't see it having a big online community moving forward. You'll have to have friends to play online with, so you might as well save some money and just by an actual Monopoly Deal card deck and play for real.

Graphics & Sound

The presentation in both games is bright and colorful and easy to see. It's Monopoly, after all, so it is pretty hard to screw up. We're not fond of the fact that you knock over the player tokens on literally every dice roll — a major faux pas in real life Monopoly — which is just dumb. The 3D boards are kind of cluttered looking, too. Overall, though, it's all fine. Not much to say about the sound other than there is sound, and it sounds like a board game.

Bottom Line

All in all, our recommendation on the Monopoly Family Fun Pack is like this: skip the $30 Family Fun Pack and just download Monopoly Plus for $15 instead. It's actually a really solid video game version of Monopoly and has solo, local, and Xbox Live multiplayer. It has some interesting house rules to take advantage of as well. If you're already familiar with Monopoly Deal and like it, then perhaps consider picking up the Family Fun Pack to get both games, but since Deal is online only we don't have a lot of confidence in its longevity. If you like classic Monopoly, definitely give Monopoly Plus a try as it is a great family party game.

These Monopoly games are Ubisoft's first entries in the new Hasbro Games Channel platform on Xbox One, and Trivial Pursuit and Risk (and hopefully more) are going to follow at some point. 

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.