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Moment Lenses
Moment Lens

Mobile photography has taken off because of its ability to be accessible at all times.  Chase Jarvis was the one who said it most succinctly, "The best camera is the one that's with you."

With that said, it's also because you are able to capture moments of time, at all times that you choose. You don't always lug around your big camera with you.  Matter of fact, some of us don't even own a big camera and the smart phone camera in your pocket has one that works perfectly for your lifestyle.

Mobile photography has blossomed many creatives, whom have garnered quite an audience.  This is incentive enough to continue to push our individual limits and strive for better photos.  In order to do so, we need accessories that help us out.

I have had the opportunity to play with quite a few lenses to mount on my iPhone. I have to say that the Moment lenses are my favorite.

The Moment lenses (60mm tele/ 18mm wide) are beautifully crafted lenses. They are sturdy yet small enough to fit in your pocket.  I keep them snug in my Tenba camera bag along with my other big camera lenses.  They've gained that much respect for me. 

Price:  $99.99 per lens

Out the Box

Immediately the packaging set itself a part from many other mobile phone accessories.  Each box contains a well known mobile photographer.  I was lucky to know the photographer who is showcased in my box.  Dan Cole is an amazing photographer and it was really nice to see his work as soon as I opened the box.Simply put, the packaging is beautiful and the addition of a creative showcase adds great appeal.  

"We believe the world is a better place with beautiful photography" is embossed on the top of the box.  On the inside, "Long Live the Picture Taker."  Snuggled inside are these beautiful lenses. These lenses are really visually appealing.  They give you a bit of ownership of your work.  The build quality is insane.  They really focused on the craftsmanship and attention to detail.  My wife (who isn't really into anything mobile photography related) even came over and mentioned the difference and wanted to see what Moment could produce.

To attach the lenses to the back of my phone, came a mounting plate and an extra adhesive tape.

To keep the lenses comfy they also included a drawstring, microfiber bag for each optic. 

Out for a Spin

I am a street photographer.  I love to capture people as they live.  Occasionally I'll ask a stranger for a candid portrait.  How would these lenses work for me and my genre of photography?

Between the two lenses, I thought I would favor the 18mm the most. On my Fuji XE-2, I primarily use my 23mm for its wide angle.  I found that the 18mm gave me the same outcome with my iPhone street shots.

Obviously it gave me a wider field of view. I can see how landscape photographers would absolutely love this piece of glass.  It was sharp and clear.  I was really happy with the outcome.

When I took the 60mm out and mounted it, I was really amazed by the zoom quality.  Kudos to Marc Barros and the Moment team.  I just didn't have high expectations for a tele for a smart phone.  It totally blew me away and again it was sharp and clear.  I snagged some really nice street portraits with the 60.  

Again more reasons why these lenses are in my camera bag.

My first few times with these lenses, I was worried that it would fall off the mount or would get snagged in my pocket.  I didn't experience that at all.  Although I've only had it for a couple weeks, I am quickly trusting that it will last through my heavy handed maneuvers. 

What I Love

  1. These are beautifully crafted lens.  Small and sturdy with great optics.
  2. They have a heavy feel to them but not in a bad way.  It counterbalances well on my iPhone. 
  3. These lenses are not limited to one brand of device.  They are available for all iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, and the Nexus 5.
  4. The branding, the vision, and the mission of Marc and the team are phenomenal. They really focus on creating a product that will have serious mobile photographers adding Moment lenses to their camera bags.
  5. I truly love that the Moment team is focused on showcasing mobile photographers.  The images that are showcased are truly inspiring.  Check #makemoments for the community gallery.

What I'd Like to See Now

  1. I'd like to see the lenses mount for these lenses on our smart phones become more trustworthy.I felt that the lens build is so awesome, that a mount that mobile photographers can trust more would complete the deal.
  2. I'd like to see (talking about the mount again) the ability to attach the lenses without having to take off my awesome case.  Although there is a complete list of case compatibility, I'd rather not buy another case.

Word Up! My Final Word

It says a lot that I have my Moment lenses in my big camera bag.  These lenses sit with some expensive glass and I treat them just like those other pieces of glass - with joy every time I put them on my light painting devices.  I didn't really know if it goes in my "love" or my "like to see" column, but it would be prudent for me to say that these lenses are on the pricier side for mobile photography.  I do recommend that if you are serious about mobile photography like I am then having both Moment lenses is a must.

I love how the lenses feel in my hand as well as on my smart phone. I love that I can trust in the photos I take through the lenses.  I love that I can continue to tell my stories without having to worry about the quality of the images.  

These lenses help me tell my story.