Molex 4-pin Peripheral Power Connector Pinout

Pinout for the standard 4-Pin Molex peripheral power connector

The Molex 4-pin power supply connector is one of the standard peripheral power connectors in computers today. The power connector itself is a Molex 8981 connector called the AMP MATE-N-LOK.

This is the standard connector for all PATA based hard drives, many high-end video cards, and some older optical drives and other internal devices.

Below is the pinout for the standard Molex 4-pin peripheral power connector as of Version 2.2 of the ATX Specification (PDF).

4 pin peripheral power connector
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If you're using this pinout table to test power supply voltages, be aware that the voltages must be within ATX specified tolerances.

Molex 4-pin Peripheral Power Connector Pinout (ATX v2.2)

Pinout Table for Molex 4-pin Power Connectors
Pin Name Color Description
1 +12VDC Yellow +12 VDC
2 COM Black Ground
3 COM Black Ground
4 +5VDC Red +5 VDC

How to Test a Molex 4-Pin Peripheral With a Multimeter

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