How to Modify Chromebook Display Settings

Change settings and fix screen mirroring issues on a Chromebook

What to Know

  • Open the Chrome browser, go to Menu (three dots), and then select Settings > Device > Displays.
  • Choose options on the Displays menu to modify the display size, resolution, orientation, and TV alignment or start mirroring.
  • Problems mirroring? Updating the OS may solve the problem. Select the clock > Settings (gear) > About Chrome OS > Check for Updates.

This article explains how to change the display settings on a Chromebook, including the screen resolution parameters and visual orientation, to fit your needs or connect to a monitor or TV and mirror the Chromebook display. Instructions apply to all Chrome OS devices.

How to Change Chromebook Display Settings

To adjust your device's display settings:

  1. Open the Chrome browser.

  2. Select the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the window, then select Settings from the drop-down menu.

    Chrome with the Settings command highlighted
  3. Scroll down to the Device section, then select Displays.

    Alternatively, click the time at the bottom of the screen, then click the gear icon that appears in the system tray to access the device settings.

    The Displays heading in Chrome settings

Chromebook Display Options

From the Displays menu, choose one of the following options to make the specified changes:

  • Display size: Choose a screen resolution. Modify the width and height (in pixels) that the Chromebook monitor or external display renders.
  • Orientation: Change the default setting by choosing a different screen orientation.
  • TV alignment: Adjust the alignment of an externally connected television or monitor. This setting is only available when connected to a compatible device.
  • Options: This section contains two options: Start mirroring and Make primary. If another device is available, select Start mirroring to show the Chromebook display on the other device. Select the Make primary option to designate the currently selected device as the primary display for the Chromebook.

How to Fix Screen Mirroring Issues on Chromebook

A bug in a previous edition of Chrome OS could cause syncing issues with some external displays, making sure the operating system is up-to-date. If you see an up-arrow icon beside your account photo in the settings, an update is ready to install.

Select the icon, then select Restart to complete the update. Your Chromebook should automatically download updates. However, Chrome OS occasionally misses an update. Here's how to search for an update:

  1. Connect the Chromebook to the internet.

  2. Select the clock at the lower-right corner of the screen.

    The settings menu on a Chromebook
  3. Select the gear icon to open the settings.

    The Settings icon on a Chromebook
  4. Select the hamburger menu, then choose About Chrome OS.

    The About Chrome OS command
  5. Select Check for Updates.

If you still have problems mirroring your Chromebook, check the HDMI connection. You may need to use a different cable or port. If the screen looks distorted after disconnecting it from an external display, go to the Displays menu and restore the settings to the default.

  • How do I screen mirror my iPhone to my Chromebook?

    To screen mirror an iPhone to a Chromebook, use a third-party app like AirServer or Mirroring360. You can also connect your iPhone to Chromecast.

  • How do I display my Chromebook screen with HDMI?

    To display your Chromebook screen using HDMI, connect an HDMI cable to a Chromebook HDMI port or a USB-C port with an adapter, then insert the other cable end into an HDMI port on the TV or projector. Set your device to the correct input channel, then select the Clock > Settings gear > Displays > Mirror Internal Display.

  • How do I mirror my Chromebook to my smart TV wirelessly?

    To mirror a Chromebook to a smart TV wirelessly, use Chromecast. Select the Clock > Cast, choose your Chromecast device, then select Share.

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