How to Modify Display and Mirroring Settings on Your Chromebook

chromebook display settings
Getty Images #450823979 Credit: Thomas Barwick.

Most Google Chromebooks provide the ability to make changes to the monitor's display settings, including screen resolution parameters and visual orientation. Depending on your configuration, you might also be able to connect to a monitor or TV and mirror your Chromebook's display on one or more of those devices.

These display-related features are managed through Chrome OS's Device settings, accessible through the browser or the taskbar, and this tutorial explains how to access them.

Note: To actually connect your Chromebook to an external display requires a cable of some sort, like an HDMI cable. It needs to plug in to both the monitor and the Chromebook.

Change Display Settings on a Chromebook

  1. Open the Chrome web browser and click the menu button. It's the one represented by three horizontal lines, located in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  2. Click Settings when the drop-down menu appears.
  3. With Chrome OS's Settings displayed, scroll down until the Device section is visible, and click the Displays button.
  4. The new window that opens contains the options described below.

Resolution: Pick the screen resolution you'd like to have from the Resolution area. You're allowed to modify the width x height, in pixels, that your Chromebook monitor or external display renders.

Orientation: Lets you select from a number of different screen orientations aside from the standard Default setting.

TV alignment: This setting is only available when you are able to adjust the alignment of an externally connected television or monitor.

Options: This section contains two buttons, Start mirroring and Make primary. If another device is available, the Start mirroring button will immediately begin showing your Chromebook display on that other device. The Make primary button, meanwhile, will designate the currently selected device as the primary display for your Chromebook.