What Do the Lights on My Modem Mean?

Modem symbols and LED lights can have a variety of meanings and styles

Internet modems feature a wide variety of symbols and LED lights whose meanings can change depending on their color and activity. For example, modem lights blinking fast can mean something completely different than a light that’s stable or not on at all.

This article will break down what modem light colors mean, how to read the symbols on a modem and provide additional resource links to popular internet provider modem manuals and support documents.

The information in this article applies to both modem and modem/router hybrid devices.

Modem Light Colors Explained

The LED lights on modems communicate the functionality and activity on the internet device. Specific colors can show which aspects of the device or internet service work, if there’s an error or if something is broken or offline.

The meaning of modem light colors varies greatly depending on the specific modem model and the internet service provider used. The list below is a guide for basic understanding only.

Here are some of the more common modem light colors and what they can mean.

  • Green: A green modem light usually indicates modem power, an active internet connection, a confirmed pairing with another device, an active phone line, or a strong internet signal.  
  • Blue: Blue modem lights can show a firmware update is in progress, the modem is connecting to another device for pairing, a provider has been detected, and the connection process has begun, the connection process has been completed, and a phone call is in progress. 
  • Orange: An orange modem light sometimes indicates a good (but not great) internet connection, the early stages of the connection process after turning a modem on, when phone service is disconnected, but emergency calls are still possible, and the pairing process has begun.
  • Red: Red modem light meanings can mean an overheated modem, there being a service error, a weak internet connection, no internet connection, PPP authentication failed, setup failure, and phone service being completely disconnected.
  • White: A white LED light is typically used on modems to indicate power, the pairing process has begun, the modem trying to detect a service provider and connect to the internet, and a firmware upgrade being in progress.

Modem Lights Meaning

As with the LED colors, modem lights blinking rapidly or shining a stable light can also have different meanings.

  • Stable Modem Lights: Usually, a steady modem light that isn’t blinking means its associated function is working correctly or has finished. However, a steady red or orange modem light, as mentioned above, could indicate something is wrong or needs fixing.  
  • Modem Lights Blinking: A blinking or flickering modem light, depending on its color, could indicate functioning internet activity, a connecting or pairing activity in progress, or a phone handset that’s picked up or off the hook. Sometimes moderate modem light blinking can mean the beginning of a process, while faster blinking can indicate the end phase of a process. 
  • Off/No Light: If a modem’s LED light is completely off, this usually means a lack of power, complete disconnection from a provider or one of its services, or a feature has been disabled. While it sounds counterintuitive, no lights sometimes indicate the modem is working correctly.

An off modem light isn’t always a bad thing, though. For example, if you don’t need to use an Ethernet cable and don’t have one connected, it would make sense for the Ethernet light to be off. Similarly, if you don’t have a landline phone service through your internet provider, you don’t need to worry about the phone line indicator light.

Modem Symbol Meanings

Some modems and modem-router hybrids feature text labels above lights and icons to make understanding their meanings easier. Many, however, don’t, which can make them ambiguous and confusing.

Modem and router symbols and lights.


Modem and router symbols will vary from device to device though they usually resemble those shown in the image above. Here’s what each modem symbol means from left to right.

  • Power. This symbol is pretty universal and is on most modems and a variety of other products.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet: The meaning of the second and third symbols can vary depending on your modem model. If you have just one of these types of symbols, it’s usually for your internet signal or connection. Two slightly different versions can refer to your internet signal and its Wi-Fi connection to other devices or separate 2.5 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi signals.
  • Internet: The fourth symbol, which looks like a planet with a ring around it, typically refers to internet connectivity. Sometimes this symbol is used to represent the WAN connection as well. The @ symbol is also commonly used for this purpose.
  • Ethernet: This fifth symbol represents a wired connection to the modem or router. Usually, an empty square refers to a WAN connection, while a box with a line striking through its bottom side, as shown above, refers to a LAN connection. A symbol of three squares connected by a line can also represent a LAN connection.
  • USB: The sixth symbol, a trident-like icon with the middle line ending in a point, represents a USB connection. There are various versions of the USB icon, but they usually resemble this format.
  • WPS: Often, two arrows forming a circle represent WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). WAP is a way to quickly connect devices to your Wi-Fi by pushing a button at the rear of your router. The LED light will turn on briefly during this process.  

Resources For Deciphering Modem Symbols

Modem models vary greatly, and most manufacturers use their own custom icons and symbols. If you’ve been stuck trying to understand your Spectrum modem lights or don’t understand the Arris modem lights’ meaning, this is probably why.

Here are the links to the official modem light guides for several of the most popular internet providers to help you further understand your modem lights.

  • What if all my modem lights are green, but I have no internet connection?

    The first step is to turn off and unplug your modem. Then, wait 15 minutes before hooking everything back up. If all the lights turn green again, troubleshoot your device's settings.

  • What lights should be on if my modem is operating correctly?

    Modem indicators vary by manufacturer, but typically, a router with a good internet and Wi-Fi connection will show solid green or blue lights near the power, internet, and Wi-Fi symbols. Your modem might show additional lights, depending on its connections and functions.

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