The Top Mobile Websites You Should Have Bookmarked

A List of the Top Mobile Websites

The mobile web is still in its infancy, but these ten top mobile websites should be in your bookmarks if you want to get at useful information fast while on the go. With the increase in mobile devices that support Internet browsing, the number of websites popping up geared for mobile devices will likely increase dramatically in the next few years. Along with them, these mobile websites should continue to grow to fit your expanding needs.


Image of Google.

If there is one mobile website that should be on the favorites list of every mobile device, it has to be Google. One part greatest search engine in the world, and one part custom home page for your smartphone, Google lets you choose to put stock quotes, movies, or weather on the page alongside of giving you great search capability.


Twitter Mobile Website
Image of Twitter.

I know, microblogging plus mobile devices equals pretty obvious. But the point of the list isn't to be subtle, and Twitter just so happens to be the perfect website for mobile devices. With it, you can keep in touch with your friends without getting bombarded by text messages.


Dodgeball Mobile Website
Image of Dodgeball.

A social network designed from the ground up to work on your smartphone or mobile device, Dodgeball is easy to use and a great way to keep track of your friends while you are out on the town. It becomes especially handy while arranging a spontaneous meeting at a club on a Saturday night. View more mobile social networks.


Image of Flickr.

The popular photo sharing website goes mobile. A simple design, Flickr makes it easy to search for photos, view comments, and leave your own comment. You can do away with wallet-sized photos because this is a great way to carry your own little photo gallery around with you.


Image of Skweezer.

Not every website has a mobile version, and if you don't have a Google Phone, iPhone or a mobile browser capable of rendering rich Internet pages, you might have a hard time wading through all the garbage on your screen. Skweezer can help you out by squeezing the page down to a size more appropriate for your phone.


Moviefone Top Mobile Website
Image of Moviefone.

An easy-to-use interface giving you access to basic movie information like genre and who the main actors are in the movie, and also giving you local theaters and show times. Moviefone is a great mobile website to help you find something to do when you are out on the town.

Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row
Image of Restaurant Row.

An excellent way to find a good dining spot when you are out and about, Restaurant Row lets you pick from over a dozen types of cuisine and exclude fast food joints from coming up in the list. An easy interface to use, Restaurant Row will also let you review the restaurant too.


Answers Top Mobile Website
Image of Answers.

A great information portal for getting answers while on the go, the mobile version of lets smartphone and pocket pc users input quick questions and read the answers. Now, if you are out at dinner and one of your friends doesn't know who Keanu Reeves is, you have the choice of either making fun of your friend or pulling up the information on


Image of Foreca.

A neat mobile website for getting weather forecasts, Foreca's default map is a little hard to read, but the animated radar map is very cool. The site provides solid information with a 7-day weather forecast and useful information like the barometer, dewpoint, humidity and visibility.

Web On Your Cell

Web On Your Cell
Image of Web On Your Cell.

A directory of mobile websites, this is a good site to have on your favorites list. It will keep you from needing to add the mobile Yellow Pages, ESPN, Froogle, and other handy websites to your favorites.